Scans during chemo (pre surgery)

I am having 6 months of chemo prior to surgery (8 cycles). My onc says no need for scans till the surgeon asks for them at the end, but I am worried how they can know the chemo is working otherwise, as I had nothing palpable anyway.

What is “normal”? Have other people had scans mid treatment?

I am private btw so I know it’s not the cost.

Hi there,

I’m having 6 x FEC before surgery and I had an MRI after fec3 to decide if I should change my chemo. I was given this by my onc regardless but was prepared to ask for it if it hadn’t been offered.

Hi Kess,

My initial treatment plan was 3 fec then 3 Tax however i was sent for MRI scan after 2nd fec to see how chemo was affecting tumour. My oncologist then changed my plan and put me on Tax after 2nd fec as although the tumour had shrunk he wanted to optimise results by moving me on to Tax sooner.

my pathology report after surgery had showed my tumour had shrunk from 27mm to 8mm and got clear margins.

wishing you well with treatment

Wyn X


I am also having my treatment privately and so far have had 2 lots of FEC, my 3rd is next week. I saw my oncologist on Thursday and she was not able to palpate my tumour this time so I am having a scan  and they will put a marker to show where it is.

Also because I have had such a good respnse to the FEC she is considering continuing with it instead of going on to the Docetaxel. I will also be having surgery after chemo followed by radiotherapy.

I don’t know if this has been any help to you, best wishes SML