hi am realy realy worried as have had bilateral mastectomy with 3 out of 9 lymph nodes involved am 47years old only 3 weeks from surgery had bone scan on thursday and now have to have cat scan why ??? am so scared as they are saying its my age can some one please try and explain ?? alos has anyone had cat scan as worried about that one as have had m r i scan and didnt like that have results in couple of weeks and not sure what to expect thanks so scared cant stop crying didnt want the bloody scans as now cant think of anything else PLEASE HELP bev xxx

From what I can remember it’s routine after a bc dx. They can double check that the cancer is confined to the breast and no spread further along.
Try and see it from the other way round. Good news is very reasuring.

PS I had them too. Was dx at 39.

Hi, I’ve had three cat scans and it’s really nothing to worry about. It’s quicker than an MRI which I’ve also had. It isn’t painful, or noisy and it takes about 10 - 15 minutes. It will give you peace of mind, as you won’t worry about what’s going on in the rest of your body. Not knowing is much worse. You will feel better when you know what is going on. They may want to put a line in your arm to give you an injection of iodine which can give a better contrast to the picture. It doesn’t hurt, but did give me a slightly warm sensation.
I was 47 when I was diagnosed 14 months ago. I also had 3 out of 9 lymph nodes involved. You will get through this, and will feel better once your treatment begins. Hang on in there. xx

Thankyou bluebird you have made me feel alot better about it all and cant believe you were 47 as im the same age also 3 out of 9 lymph nodes same as me . did you have a bone scan as i have just had one ? Also did you have surgery ???

So sorry got your name wrong blueyedgirl so sorry xx

Hi Josie1,
Dont worry about the scans I have had two separate MX’s one last October 2010, and then found another tumour in my other breast and had to have another MX June this year. On both occasions I had Bone, CT, Blood scans. I was told this is routine to rule out any other complications. All came back clear, just reassuring. Hold on in there, it’s all so scarey at first but it does get better. Also speak to the BCN they should be reassuring you and helping you cope with this awful situation.
Take care,


hi josie
i has masactomy last week, and went for test results yesterday, 8 out of 13 nodes were affected for me, so i will be having ct scan and bone density scan, there’s also a 3 rd test but i jsut can’t remember what that was though (maybe its bloods)
my consultant told me that guidance states if more that a certain amount of nodes are involved, they routinely refer you for these tests, i’m trying to look at this as peace of mind that if there is anything else lurking it will be picked up.
fingers crossed all will be clear x