As my mother has not had her lymph nodes tested to see if there infected, and this will not be done for at least three months after the tumour as (hopefully) shrunk. We are pushing for some body scans and bone scans. Can anyone tell me what we should be requesting.


Jules x

Body and bone scans don’t really do anything useful after diagnosis for primary breast cancer unless someone has specific symptoms e.g. backache, breathlessness or whatever. Secondary breast cancer doesn’t show up on scans until it is already producing symptoms. I don’t think these tests help but some hospitals do them to give women reassurance that there is no evidence of spread. I’d rather not have tests myself if they are not going to make any difference to treatment


Just reinforcing Mole’s post - they tend not to do unnecessary tests unless the patient has symptoms although once your mum has had her nodes tested they may well run other tests as standard such as bone scan just to be on the safe side but, again, I think it depends on which hospital you go to.

They will already have a care plan for your mum no doubt and it might be helpful (if she wants to know) to broach this when she next sees her specialist?