scared about biopsy results after 3years cancer free ?

Hi, haven’t been on here for about 3 years but after having a ultrasound scan last week I have been reading everyone’s posts. I am 3 years on from treatment I had a lumpectomy, chemo and rads, I’m on tamoxifen and zolodex (if that’s how you spell it) injections. I had my routine 6month appointment with my oncologist and explained I had pain on my scar but as I am loosing weight wondering if it’s just changing, she sent me for a ultrasound and they found a swollen lymph gland just above my scar, they took a biopsy and asked me if I’m still in contact with a bcn :s this scared me I left there feeling as though it was happening all over again, except this time I have too much to loose I’m getting married in 14 weeks time start a new job in a week and just don’t honestly know how I would cope. I have had a letter for an appointment next Wednesday and I’m petrified, my Mri from March was fine… I’m in panic mode atm my partner and parents keep telling me they are just being careful because if my age (27) but I just keep thinking why would they call me in if everything was ok?

Sorry probably sounds over dramatic but really scared.


Hi there
Sorry to hear you are so worried, I’ve just had a scare after having DCIS over 2 years ago. I had a redness and rash on breast and had a ultrasound like you as they saw a swollen lymph nodes under arm. I had to have them biospy and like you was so worried. But they came back as reactive nodes. Due to fighting infection/allergy or something like that’s. So please hold on to the fact that they are nearly always B9. They told me lymph nodes go up for even a little cut. Fingers crossed this is what it’s is. Sending you a big hug xxx