Scared and confused

I was diagnosed 7 years ago with breast cancer, lumpectomy, 3 lymph nodes cancerous, chemo, radiotherapy, etc. Very unwell for 8 month, hospitalised with chronic fatigue, muscle wastage, came out in a wheel chair, July 2009.

Worked hard to get well , not only can i walk now, I am quite active.

Was re-diagnosed in March 2013, with cancer in the other breast, grade 2, 25 lymph nodes cancerous. Was all prepared to go through it all again. I need to mention I have a rare heart condition, my heart is back to front, the affect of the chemo last time, left it working at 39%.

Seeing my oncologist yesterday, he said that this cancer would not kill me, and if I had a re-occurrence, a masectomy would so the job and would not need chemo. He was advising me not to have chemo again, that in 5 years the benefit would be 2.9%, in 10 years 5.7%.
I understand the risk and agree with his comments, however, I am being sent for a cat, bone and muga scan.

I am frightened and confused, is he saying the cancer has spread and that chemo is not an option, whatever the case.

Yes I know I am panicking, I don’t know wheter I should be pleased I am not havingg chemo or scared stiff.
Is there anyone out there, who has been in the same situation please x

Dear Dunstan 12

Welcome to the BCC Forum. As well as the support you will receive on here from other members you may find it helpful to give our Helpline a call to talk over your worries. They will be able to provide practical information as well as emotional support. The opening times tomorrow are 10-2 and on weekdays 9-5. The number is 0808 800 6000

Take care

Very best wishes


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Has nobody seen my post, have I done something wrong in posting, please advise

Hello, sorry you have had this worrying news. I think its late in the day for most board members and you will probably get more response tomorrow.
If responses are still a bit slow, you might perhaps try posting in the “worried” section or “diagnosis” section.

I’m not in your situation, nor have specialist knowledge, but to me it doesn’t sound like they are telling you you have got secondaries, merely that the risks of chemo in your case outweigh the benefits. All the scans they are ordering is to make sure you don’t have any established secondary deposits, I am sure. I had them too, prior to starting my treatment. It is routine I believe, if you have lymph node involvement.

If you do in fact turn out to have metastatic disease, a lot of this can be managed now, in terms of it being a chronic illness, and there are lots of ladies on this site who will be able to share their experiences of this and support you in any way they can.

I realise it is hard not to imagine worst case scenarios, but try to wait to find out exactly what you are dealing with if you can, so as not to wear yourself out “tilting at windmills”

Hugs to you … xxx

Thank You Morwenna xx

Also not in your position but just wanted to send you lots of hugs, hopefully someone will be able to advise, try the helpline, may ease some of your worries, take care xx

Hi Dunstan 12
Of course you have not done anything wrong by posting your worries and concerns!
Im not in your position but know how it feels when you don’t know exactly what is going to happen to you.
Morwenna is right and I know it’s so hard not to worry and be frightened but please try to stay positive!
Keep us posted with how your doing!
Big hugs
Norms xxx