Scared and waiting on biopsy results


A few weeks ago I noticed a lump in my right breast and my doctor referred me to the breast clinic. When I got there 2 weeks later the consultant said it felt like glands. I had an ultrasound and they saw the lump straight away which measured at 1cm. They then did a core biopsy and took 3 sample of the tissue. Its been 10 days since and I still haven’t got the results I know they say 2 weeks but I’m worried sick and can’t take the stress anymore. The other day I did get a letter from the consultant saying about the tests and he called it a benign looking solid lump. But still no results and he said he would write to me with the biopsy results and if I get a call its cause I need surgery. I phoned up the breast clinic on Friday and they said the lab is behind in testing. I’m so scared I have breast cancer. I just feel so alone.

Hi Hunibuniboo

I am sorry that you havent had a reply yet.  This is unusual as the people here are so very freindly and welcoming.  If you feel it would help you to speak to someone, please do call our free Helpline, 0808 800 6000 where you can talk with one of our experts.

Best wishes
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Hi Hunibuniboo


I am so sorry that you feel so alone - it is just a rotten time waiting. Is there no one you can confide in close to you?


There are lots of lovely ladies on here who will be along shortly and help reassure you. We have all been there and as everyone will tell you, the waiting for the results at the beginning is the very worst possible time. Hopefully will be, as your consultant says, and just a benign lump, the majority of them are. The wait is normally two weeks but I had to wait three (I live in France) and it was such an anxious time. But I can say that they will want to give you accurate results and IF it is bc, a plan to proceed.


i know it’s not going to stop you worrying but we are here for you and can help you get through this -this is just the most marvellous place for information and caring support.

Do let us know how you get on and come back as often as you need.

Sending you hugs. Take care.

Rosie xx


Just seen that you have had some replies! No quite sure why they didn’t show when I posted. 

Good luck with the results.

Rosie xx