Scared-have found a lump

Hi My name is Jacqui.I am 45.I found a lump in my left breast last weekend,and went to the doctors on Monday.He has referred me to the hospital,I have an appointment on Tuesday 23rd October,where I will have a Mammogram,ultra-sound and a biopsy if needed.Apparantly I will get my results at the end of the afternoon.When I was 19,I had a cyst removed from the same breast.I started an early menapause 2 years ago,which was a nightmare,no sleep,hot sweats every half an hour,I was a wreck.Reluctlantly,I started HRT in March,and got immediate relief ,and felt I had got my life back.Now I am worried that HRT,may have caused this lump,and should I come off.I have had exremely hard lumpy breasts for a good 2 weeks before my period and find itdifficult knowing what is a normal lump.Mine feels like a hard area just above my nipple.To top it all I also have diabetes,diagnosed May 06,and am still trying to deal with that.I visit a diabetic forum regularly and am a big fan of forums,as I think it’s good not to feel alone.

Hi Jacqui,

You did the right thing going to the doctor straight away, the same happened to me, found lump Sunday night, docs on Monday, urgent referral for the 23rd same as you, you’ll get some very good advice on here, everybody is lovely, I won’t say try not to worry, I’m in the same boat and know its impossible but I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you and keep you in my thoughts, one thing I have been told here is that most lumps turn out to be benign and I’m trying to focus on that rather than the other option, I hope you can too, good luck for the 23rd and please let us know how you get on.

Debbi xx

Hi Jacqui,

As Debbi has already said you have done the right thing and you will find great support here.

Wishing you both the best for your appointments.


Thanks ladies for your comments.Debbie I was reading your post where you were saying how neurotic you get about constantly feeling the lump to see if it’s still there,and if it has got bigger,or smaller.I have been like that all week.Better when I have been busy at work,then at least it takes my mind off it.It makes you feel better to know that others are dealing with this as well and that you are not alone with these feelings.Debbie you and I both have appointments on the same day.fingers crossed we both have good results.


Hi again Jacqui,

For me I think the not knowing is the worst bit about it, its mental torture, at least when you know then you can face it and move forward whatever the result.

I’ve had a good day today, I’ve not been ‘tampering’ with it so much lol but then again I’ve been quite busy but I dare say I’ll be prodding and poking again soon, I keep telling myself NO when I get the urge but I never listen to myself.

I’ll be thinking of you on Tuesday Jacqui, chin up, what time is your appointment and what clinic if you don’t mind me asking?

Debbi xx

Hi Debbi,know what you mean,has a slightly better day today,not good yesterday felt really down,and had a little cry,first time.I come from Staffordshire,so I have to go to the Outpatient department at the North Staffs Hospital.My appointment is 1.15pm.I have school holidays,and am off that week for half term,I usually look forward to my holidays,but am dreading next week.Just got to get through this week,last week seemed so long.Take care.


Hi Jacqui

I’m at Castle Hill in Hull at 1pm, this is getting uncanny lol, found lump same day, docs same day, clinic same day and almost the same time too, so Jacqui, lets hope we both get the same results, GOOD results.

Take care

Debbi xx