Scared of being tired after Rads.

Scared of being tired after Rads.

Scared of being tired after Rads. HI, Im introducing this topic here as there may be more of you out there who can advise, following your course of Rads. I think I am going ahead with Rads even though Im in this grey area - ie not sure whether it is necessary or not_ but one of my huge concerns is dealing with yet more tiredness . Ive been very tired on the Chemo and I was looking forward to picking up a bit if I didnt have Rads. I have two young kids and I dont know how Im going to manage if I have to spend yet more time lying down feeling dreadfully tired. It`s the one thing that makes me very depressed.

What are your experiences of tiredness following Rads?. How long has it lasted.? Is it all consuming or does it improve after a rest.?
Has it affected your ability to get on and do the shopping, take the kids to school etc.?

Any responses much appreciated

I was fine I must admit I was absolutely fine. I was slightly tired but certainly not wiped out. A week after I had radio I had a detox (the one you have through your feet!) and felt like I had loads of energy.

I’m now 6 weeks after radio and I go clubbing with my friends and I’m the last one to leave and the one that is constantly on the dance floor all night!

It isn’t as bad as everyone makes out. You can totally maintain a normal life and looking after the kids will be fine.

Good luck.

Karen xxxxx

Tired Hi Francis

Give yourself the best chance if you have done CHEMO you can do RADS just rest when your body tells you to.
Janet xx

I was worried about this, too. I was really scared about being tired after rads, so I did a little research and found that there was some evidence that getting a half an hour brisk walk in on the days that you have radiotherapy can help prevent tiredness. So, I would get up, get my radiotherapy, take a short nap and make sure that I got my half hour brisk walk in. I found that this really worked for me. I was able to manage my small child’s two week vacation from nursery with no problem, even though it started the day I finished radiotherapy.

Best of luck,


Go for it Just to add another positive reply which suggests that more likely than not you will cope fine with the rads

I had mine done on my way to work and can honestly say apart from 1 random day i was no different to usual to the point I was slightly concerned that they forgot to turn it on! but so far so good so they must have done!

It barely effected by life and after surgeryx2/chemo it was a breeze!

Good luck


I finished my rads on April 20th and had no tiredness at all. I felt absolutly normal and full of energy during it and after.
i think the reason some people get tired is the traveling you have to do everyday. good luck