Scared sick with worry

Hi guys … Completely new here … So basically I went to my doc on Thursday as I’m really stressed and wanted to see if there was anything I could do help me as I previously had shingles twice from stress and had a pain in shingles scare on my right chest above the breast … Doc done a breast check and found a lump in my right breast at 11 o’clock hard not mobile and no skin involvement … She said she was going to send me to urgent appointment in breast check clinic and to ring the clinic that afternoon and they would give me an appointment within two weeks . Rang breast clinic and they said because I’m under 35 … I’m 31 I was put on early appointment list … I’m worried sick can anyone help :slight_smile:

Hello Shopaholic,
I afraid I can’t advise or ease your worry, but didn’t just want to read and run.
You are in the best place for support, should you need it. It’s good that you have been offered an early appointment - but that still doesn’t make the waiting any easier. Try to find distractions if you can and in the meantime avoid googling … Just stick to reputable upto date sites like this one and Macmillan.
Fingers crossed for good news soon. Let us know how you get on.

Gill thank you so much for replying … As I am in Ireland and under 35 there’s a 6 week wait to be seen in the breast clinic … I think I’ll just try to not think about it until then ?

Thanks so much for your reply lulu34:
I’ve made an appointment with a private clinic for Wednesday for an ultra sound… This will hopefully put my mind at ease :slight_smile: … I hope I’mf just worried about nothing but I’m not the type of person who can not worry lol … Two weeks in a high dependency unit due to stress and two separate cases of shingles have told me my body can’t handle stress so I need to put my mind at ease :slight_smile: fingers crossed I’ll be reporting back with good news xxx

Thanks lulu xx

Hi guys just wanted to update … I went for ultrasound the other day in private clinic … Couldn’t wait any longer without stressing lol … Ultrasound confirmed what looks like a solid lump and have been transferred to public clinic for biopsy … Should have appointment within two weeks … I’m not half as anxious as I was which is weird but just waiting on biopsy and what will be will be :slight_smile:

Breast clinic appointment at 9.45 tomorrow morning … I’m so scared its unbelieve , I don’t feel like me anymore . I feel like this crazy deranged women who has cried at the drop of a hat today . I can’t think straight and feel so down … This waiting game is cruel mental torture … 6 weeks now sitting here waiting and wondering … 4 weeks since my ultra sound when I was told I need a biopsy … … I know there are people soo much worse off than me here and I probably sound so selfish but I just want to know one way or another what is going on .

Hi Shopaholic1982, The waiting is so cruel and it does send you a little crazy. Sending you big hugs and good luck for tomorrow XXX

Great news eventually :slight_smile: … Very long day … Went up doc checked it called the consultant he checked … Both said yes def need an ultra sound … I said will it be today and again they starting spurting under 35 **bleep** … Tell me I’ll get an appointment for ultrasound next Wednesday … I started to cry … Doc went and spoke to nurse said come back at 12.30 see if she can fit be in … Back at 12.30 she said come back 2 o’clock … Eventually for ultrasound at 2.30 … Doc said lump is only showing as 4 mm … Said if it was his sister he wouldn’t biopsy it … Come back in 3 months even if its double on size by then it won’t stop me getting better … Said if I go home and decide I want it biopsied now I’ve to ring him and he will do it :slight_smile: