Scared witless - having blood tests for Liver/Gallbladder!!

Hello everyone,

I am 2 years post Lobular B/C diagnosis and currently taking Anastrozole after Chemo and Rads finished last August.

The last few months I have not felt well at all, with vague abdomen/right hand side aches and pains. I feel tired, fuzzy headed, nauseous,no appetite, the list goes on. Also I have constant dull ache under my right ribs and round to the back. I get the occasional very bad colic like pain that makes me retch and today it made me sick. That prompted me to finally go to the GP. She took bloods, checked my wee (it was ok) and i have to go back on Thursday for results and a possible ultrasound scan.

When she started talking about Liver and my diagnosis of Lobular B/C, my mind went into overdrive! I am now panicking myself to bits about what they might say.

Is there anyone who has had Liver/Gall bladder problems and if so, what happens next? My husband went through a year of sick ness and pain before his Gallbladder was removed, but of course, he didnt have B/C with Lymph Nodes removed!

I just want a result that can be easily treated and start feeling well again. It seems like this is taking over every aspect of my life - I dont do things or go anywhere as i feel rubbish!

Cheers, Michele x

Hello Michelle,  So sorry that you are feeling so rough,  hope they don’t take too long to get the results through and get you sorted.  kepp us posted.  I too would be worrying, it is quite understandable after all that we have been through.  Meanwhile will be thinking of you,  and sending a big bundle of warm Huggles.

Take Care,


Hi Songbird68 and Ruby1, Thank you for your very kind words. i have spent most of today on the internet, either posting on various forums or looking at websites to try and calm my fears. They all basically say the same thing and that is what the B/C nurse and scanning nurse have already said. With any history of B/C they will investigate further, so I will have to wait until Monday to try and speak to Lynda, the B/C nurse for advice before i make the appointment with the Gp. I don’t know why, but I seem to have more faith and confidence in the B/c nurses than anyone else, they have always been a great source of help and they never make me feel like i am wasting their time or over reacting. I hope that you are both keeping very well and enjoying life, I try my best but there are times when you just have to give in and go with the flow! Enjoy the rest of the weekend and stay well.

Cheers, Michele x


I am now a year since BC diagnosis.Not been an easy year as i developed extreme anxiety.However now the future seems brighter.We all seem to go into panic mode with other symptons occuring but like the BC we have to try and be calm …i know thats extremely hard.I also have had my gall bladder removed as i had stones.Keep in touch and you can always chat on here…it really does help.see another comment mentions the nurses on this site.They are excellant and talked me through problems a year ago.o chat to them…x


Hi everyone so sorry i haven’t been on here lately - things just take over and before you know it, it’s 2015!

After all the various tests, U/S and CT Scan and bloods, they were clear apart from the Liver Cysts which I just have to be aware of and if I get any more pain etc from that area then i have to let them know. I see the Breast Surgeon in March to check how things are going and my Mammo is next month so fingers crossed!

I hope you are all keeping well and staying nice and warm what with this wintry weather - we have been pretty lucky so far here in Swindon - it seems to bypass this area although looking at the BBC weather on Tv this lunchtime we all might be in for a blast of winter soon!

Cheers, Michele x