Hi mum of 2,
Wish you all the best for todayXX

Just popping in to add my Best Wishes also.
Had my biopsy done (husband waited outside) It wasn’t painful, more ‘uncomfortable’ and totally bearable.

Let us know how you come on.

Jood xx

Wentfore what I thought was my biopsy today but only got a Scan. To go back on Wednesday for actual biopsy. !!! More waiting. Husband not allowed to come in either. Did get told that this showed on my scan last year but was put down as a cyst then. Obviously it has now grown and us not a cyst. He could only tell me the cells havechanged. Have to wait up to 7 days for results as wont find out on Wednesday. More waiting. Can a cyst changedinn to cancerous cells and. What if it wasn’t a cyst at all and has been growingfair the past year!!! I am in a terrible state and still no answer all these weeks on. Sorryfor rant. Has anyone else had a cyst that turned cancerous x