Hi on Saturday I felt an uncomfortable twinge in my right breast on examining both breasts my right one seemed  more lumpier than the left ( the surface of the area  has the bumpy sort of feeling  that normal breast tissue but seemed more firmer and much easier to feel than that of tissue in my left breast, not visible outside), so booked in to see my Nurse Practioner who agreed it felt different to my left one so she is referring me to my local hospitals Breast Clinic and I should receive a phone call in 5 working days and get an appointment within 2 weeks (NHS).  And everything will done on the afternoon of the appointment, ie: Mammorgram, Ultra Sound, Cosultant appointment, and any biopsy that may need doing, and any draining of  any fluid to ease any pain if applicable  will be done on the day and providing I don’t need a biopsy I should find out there and then wether it is anything to worry about or not, but I am trying so hard not to stress and worry about this (as it will upset my IBS big time) but it is proving so difficult as I always end up thinking the worst of a situation, and I know I should not :frowning:



Hi, It’s only normal to feel scared and time until you attend your appointment will seem like an age. Try to keep busy and try to focus on other things. Easier said than done I know. I get biopsy results on Monday afternoon and I know there’s no point getting worked up but I agree, you just can’t help it. Try some relaxation techniques they may help.

Good luck with everything and stay in touch xx

Hi Scared


I know exactly what you mean by knowing you shouldn’t stress but not being able to stop. We’ve all been there. Just focus on the fact that 9 out of 10 referals to the breast clinic turn out to be benign conditions. In the (statistically) unlikely event that it IS BC, you can be comforted by the fact that you found it early and treatment will start straight away. You will be given a treatment programme and from then on it gets easier!


When I was waiting for my clinic appointment and results I imagined every scenario, from “everything’s fine, no treatment required” to “You have got x number of days to live” and everything in between. The HOURS I spent stressing - especially at night!  What a waste of emotional energy!  It is what it is and thinking about it won’t alter it AT ALL, so try to keep your mind busy on things you enjoy and don’t try to second guess what the results will be.


There is useful information on BCC, MacMillan and other REPUTABLE cancer sites, but I would recommend that you DON’T do too much research, at this stage, or you’ll scare yourself with treatment details/Side effects that may never be relevant to you (and certainly don’t search other sites - there’s so much on the internet that is out of date, just plain wrong, or worse: preying on worried people with quack, expensive ‘remedies’)!


Good Luck. I hope you find out soon that it’s nothing to worry about. We’re here for you, whatever the outcome.

Thankyou ladies, I will try and stay positive, and will keep you updated xx

Got my appointment for the Breast Clinic on Monday 21st @ 2.20pm…bricking it big time now, just glad my husband is on his day off then so he can come with me, which is good.  But I know I am going to be a mess that day (I have work in the a.m.), and that my IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) will kick in big time, best get the immodium stocked up I guess x

Hi Jules

If you need a listening ear our helpline is open from 9-5 tomorrow and all weekdays then 10-2 Saturday and our team are on hand with emotional and practical support so please feel free to call on 0808 800 6000

Take care

Lucy BCC

Jules, I was so petrified for my appointment, too, that was 3 years ago now!  The staff will be so lovely, and at least your hubby will be there–I was alone for mine—The waiting is the worst, when they actually call you in, you’ll get an inner determination to see it all through, get it over and done with, and then you’ll relax a bit and wonder why you got so stressed. I am the worst person for stress, my blood pressure was so high when they checked it, but remember, no-one’s out to get you or make you look foolish-they are all there to help and they understand what emotions you’re going through.

Take care and keep us posted, Truddles

Hi Truddles thanks for your reply just hope I can sleep tonight otherwise it’s going to be a long night/day as appointment not until 210pm this is a “one-stop” clinic so hope I’m not there forever x

Feeling VERY relieved :smiley: though a bit confused,I saw the consultant at the One-Stop Breast Clinic, who said my breast felt normal, had a mammogram then the ultrasound and the radiographer who did the ultrasound discharged me after telling me everything looked normal, not the consultant, but what about the mammogram, or are ultra sounds more accurate??


Will a mammogram show things up that an ultrasound won’t or am I worrying for nothing, surely if there was cause for concern the ultrasound would have highlighted this???


The consultant explained about the breast pain I have been experiencing and suggested using Evening Primrose Oil 1000mg once a day for 3 months, has anyone else tried this?


Ty you take care too Hun xx