Scared :/

Tomorrow is treatment plan day. I’ve been so possitive all day and now the lights have gone down so too has my positivity. I have IDC stage 3 I already know that but I feel like my breast feels so different to when I had my biopsy 2 weeks ago. I feel like I’m going to be told the worst of the worst.

Hi annie,
This is the worst bit as, of course, the mind goes into overdrive. The prospect is always worse than the reality & we’ve all had feelings like this, particularly before big appointments.
Tommorrow you will be told how its going to be dealt with, so that you can move on & go forward.
do take care
ann x

Once you get the treatment plan you will feel better. My heart was racing and I felt sick waiting in the clinic before I was called in.


Treat this whole process in steps. When you get your p!an you may have a choice of lumpectomy or mastectomy. Focus on that, research it, write a list for and against. I had about 10 days to choose. Only focus on that and then When you have had afterburner focus on the Next if chemo or radiotherapy. It maybe the other way around and chemo first. But your mind can only deal with taking in info in stages, it is all new terminology and is scary.


After my surgery I started to sleep through the night, first time for weeks. I was diagnosed with IDC, 2.4cm, triple negative on 13 Feb, had Mri, treatment plan given 6 March, surgery 17 March as requested a cancellation, I had 2 days notice. I had mastectomy no reconstruction, clear nodes and no blood supplyaffected by lump. I am just about to start chem in next few weeks, no radiotherapy needed.


Please ask on here if you need any info when you have your plan.


Best wishes







Hi Annie, I am feeling very much like you at the moment! I was diagnosed almost 2 weeks ago with ILC, unsure of stage and size but it possibly at least 6cm. I have had MRI/CT scans and I won’t be getting my results and treatment plan until the 20th! Every ache or pain I feel makes me worried it’s spread elsewhere, I’m sure this isn’t the case but at 3am your mind plays tricks!
I understand your worries and the waiting is awful. Wishing you all the best with your results.
Beth xx

Hi Annie… i am feeling pretty much like you… ive just had a biopsy to see if they can see if it’s more invasive cancer or dcis so wont get the results till next week but it all goes on these results if i will chemo or not! I am the world’s most inpatient person too so I feel like for the next week my life is going to be on hold… i hate not being able to arrange this for the next couple of months as i wont know where I will be at… i do know that once I get my treatment plan my life will change and i will be able to move forward and start enjoying more things and I am sure you will aswell xx

Thank you ladies for your comments this place really is a saving grace. I have anxiety at its best this morning my whole body is shaking. I just want to know what lie ahead. And like many of you I’m sure I will feel better and more focused once I know what the plan is. I too am waiting for more test results but I’m hoping they are all in today and they have put a plan in place for me. I’m meant to be going to Florida in 12 days and I fear terribly they will tell me we can’t go after 18 months of solid hard work and saving :frowning: it’s just cruel on my children. Also my daughter who is 12 has been away on a trip but is home now so I face having to tell her today too. X

Annie, I get my results tomorrow, so I’m feeling just like you. I’ve already spoken to my BCN on the phone and she has told me that it’s definitely malignant but couldn’t give me any other info. I really hope it all goes well today and that you feel better afterwards x