Scars - what moisturiser do I use?


Just wondered if anyone could help - I brought a Holland & Barrett tube of Aloe Vera gel to use on my scars - didn’t check the ingredients until I got home and it has quite a few different parabens - was in the shop again looking for something better and the large clear container of Aloe Vera Gel had totally different ingredients and the lass in the shop didn’t know why - so I gave up on that. The really expensive stuff for scars had a warning not to put on broken skin so I thought I would give that a miss too.

Does anyone know if you can use pure sweet almond oil on your scars - I know it is used for baby massage and is inexpensive?


Love Lenise XXXX

Hi Lenise

I can understand your queries about different creams and gels which are safe to use on scars, can I suggest that you speak to one of our specialist nurses for further advice to ensure that you are using something which is going to be of benefit and safe to use?

The helpline number is 0808 800 6000 Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and Sat 9am-2pm.

Best wishes, I hope you find this helpful.

Breast Cancer Care

I have bought a oil/cream called bio oil, I was recommended it by another patient at the hospital, and mentioned it to breast nurse they were happy for me to buy it. It is expensive at £8.95 for a small pot, but you dont need to use much of it, and it is very good. good for scars. You cnannot use it on broken skin

This is what it says about it :- Bio-Oil helps to reduce the appearance of all scars (both new and old) by improving the condition of skin with scar tissue.

In addition, Bio-Oil keeps the skin as elastic as possible, thereby helping to prevent stretch marks from developing during periods of rapid change in body size such as pregnancy, adolescence and weight loss.

Bio-Oil also aids in the appearance of uneven skin tone by promoting smooth and balanced skin.

On dehydrated, wrinkling or aging skin Bio-Oil provides intensive lubrication, helping to relieve discomfort and improving the appearance of the affected area.


Reckon Boots Oil of Evening Primrose works just as well and is MUCH cheaper.