scary thoughts today

scary thoughts today

scary thoughts today hi just need a boost again , having a bad day , maybe because i see oncologist in an hour . i have only had one chemo so far for liver and bone mets dx around 5 weeks ago also a weeks rads .
worrying if treatment will work afterwards etc . hair has all come out now and am trying to get used to wigs at the moment .
im sorry if i have repeated myself but my memory is crappy at the moment too .
any encourgment would be so welcome again xxx
thank so much xx

tracy you’re soldiering your way through the obstacle race pretty well.
Don’t worry about the is it/isn’t it working bit. Most chemos DO work- and if yours is not they’ll change it to one that does.
Hope onc appt went well and MUCH sympahy for struggling with the wig [I chickened out and resorted to woolly hats].
So you’re doing great, best wishes, dilly

hugs hope things went ok at oncs appointment.just wanted to wish you well and say hang in there girl.think the wigs are one of the worst bits of chemo-nobody could tell with mine but it drove me mad-hot-itchy but worth it in the end.sending love and hugs sharonx

I think I have just been talking to you on the chat site and wanted to tell you that i found Buffs a very good alternative to a wig especially indoors if kids dont like to see you without the wig on. I had 2 and wore them a lot as I found Wigs rather itchy and couldnt wait to get it off after being out. Summer is coming and wigs are so hot. The website is

Love dot

hi Tracey Hope you got some good news from the onc.? It sucks being bald again hey! this time for me, a friend and I went and to a material shop and she zipped up new scafs for me to wear. They are a bit bigger than the ones you buy in the shop, so kinda feel like Ive got hair? Its good to have a change, couldnt bear wearing the same one’s from last time. Take care, and hang in there. love Suzy

Hi there Tracy
I just want to send you lots of luv and hugs . Keep your chin as we are all here for you
I just want to prove to you that you CAN keep going as I have had liver mets for 5 yrs now and although the treatment is a bit shitty from time to time I live a GREAT LIFE . And I intend to for a long time to come
Do keep in touch with us as we are all in it together
Luv jANE

wow 5 years with liver mets , whqat treatment are you on at present and in the past? are you ne2 neg or pos?
i really want to feel happier than i am at the moment but its only been around 5 weeks yet im still trying to accept it .
i have had two chemos now and after the first my liver tests have all dropped and tumour markers have gone down (found out berore 2nd chemo wed)
i have 4 children and i want to see them all grow up .xxx
thanks for listening

Hi there Tracy
Glad I can give you hope - as we all need it .
You can see from my profile what treatmants I have had before .
I am now on Vinorelbine and Zomet for the bones (as I was found to have bone mets in January as well ). But I have NO pain at all ( neither for the liver nor the bones ) so am very lucky.
I have more tests at the bgining of May to see if the vinorelbine has lowered my markers. So fingers crossed for that . I will also have a test to see if I am HER poss in which case I will be put on Herceptine + Vinorelbine . I will keep you posted .
But I am sure that you will see your kids grow up .
I didnt think I’d make it to begin with and here I am still kicking the cancer up the backside .
And each year there are more and more treatments coming out
So yes do keep possitive - but give yourself time to adjust and most of all be gentle with yourself.
It took me ages to accept that I couldnt be possitive all the time .
But we are here for you
So keep in touch
Luv jANE