scary times ahead..very new to all this

Hi very frightened lady, why me, feeling invaded, can’t stop t h e tears, emotional rollar coaster, gotta keep going until 19/08…would like the world to stop, trying to keep focused and busy…anyone feels the same? :frowning:

Hi kmb  Yes I think is the answer to your question - It is the very wost time after being diagnosed and waiting for treatment to begin and I too cried and couldn’t seem to function, couldn’t concentrate on anything and couldn’t believe that the world carrys on even though you are going through this nightmare.  This site is a life saver and there are so many people going through it with you and it does help to know you are not on your own -  It does get better I promise and once you have a full treatment plan you do start to see light at the end of the dark tunnel and I would say almost come to terms to the diagnosis.  I met a lovely group of ladies through this site when I was dx in 2010 and we have become very good friends, we meet up regularly and I got through it with their love and support and it helped so much.  lots of hugs xx

Hi kmb

If you have a scan through the majority of first posts, you’ll find that they invariably look very similar to your own.


It does get easier to deal with as time goes on… it is the waiting and not knowing that is the hardest part. This is true, I’ve found for each part of the journey. Each step is a step into the unknown… but it is also a step further toward being cured.


You’re in good company here though as we’re all going through, or have been through, the same processes with all the same emotions, fears and meltdowns and support is only a click of the mouse away. xx