Sciatica or....

I’ve had Sciatica in the past, but this time it isn’t behaving as it usually does nor have 2 sessions with the Oesteopath helped, as they usually do.
I’m freaked out with worry and saw the Surgeon today. She examined me but said, sensibly, that she can’t tell anything from looking at me. Luckily, they’ve got me an appointment for a Bone Scan this Thursday, and an appointment for the week after, so I’m not really waiting at all.
What I’d like to know is if anyone has been in this position and what the outcome was? I know some Secondaries can present with Sciatica type pain, so it won’t be a big surprise if anyone has had this experience!
I’d just be grateful for any information from anyone!

Hi Alloway,

Yes I have Sciatica and understand how you are feeling…
May I suggest taking some anti inflammatory I have diclofenic from the doctor and I take these with paracetamol for the pain and the inflamation. (Keep taking them)
Once the pain is sorted you will feel less panicy as the pain I find pulls you down.
I don’t know if you already have bone mets or what treatment you have had in the past but this is my view.
Chemo and everything else that you go through with BC really takes it toll and although we all feel 19 inside the same cant be said for our bodies…
have you maybe over done things?
Please try and take it easy, you have a scan coming up and hopefully in the mean time things will settle down.

Do you already have a dx of secondaries?


Thanks for that.

No, I don’t have a dx of secondaries at the moment. I’ve been taking 15mgs of Meloxicalm (an anti-inflammatory) and Glucosamine for about 6 months, due to various pains in knees and ankles, probably due to Tamoxifen. I’m now on Arimidex, but haven’t found these aches to be much worse.

I wish I had been overdoing things! I’ve also got an overactive thyroid and waiting for radioactive iodine treatment and am exhausted. My first experience of sciatica was after an episode shoving a very heavy sofa and I ended up with a bulging disc, but I haven’t done anything recently to aggravate it.

I appreciate that I’m lucky in getting a scan so quickly - I’ll let you know the result.

Again, thanks very much for answering.

Hi Alloway,

I think you have done the right thing getting on to it so quickly. But as you say you have had disc probs in the past - it is quite possible that this could be related now - sometimes you dont need to have been overdoing things for it to flair up. Then on the other hand we know we can’t afford to ignore symptoms like this when we have bc. The first real warning I had of bone mets 6 years ago was sciatica but we do have to remember that many people get this who do not have bc so I hope yours is of that ilk. Good luck with the scan. I shall be at the Marsden on Thursday discussing further rads on my spine because something has flared up again.


Hello Alloway,

I was first diagnosed with bc in July of last year, finished Radiotherapy last October. I’ve suffered from Sciatica since my daughter was born 19 years ago, in November I came down with the worst attack I’ve ever suffered, my leg went numb and the pain in my back was just terrible. My Osteopath wouldn’t touch me, she sent me for X rays and a bone scan, then an MRI, what joy!

All the tests were clear, as I sincerely hope yours will be too. I can’t point my finger at Tamoxifen for my troubles at that point, however, now that I’ve been taking them for some time, I do think they’re having an affect on my bones, my Sciatica is twindging on and off almost all the time now.

It is so so scary when the word secondaries is spoken out loud to you isn’t it? When my Osteopath said it to me I was horrified. The scan itself isn’t bad, they inject you and then you can leave again, returning later on (a couple of hours I think), to be scanned, mine took about an hour as I recall. Not painful in any way, although I appreciate that isn’t your chief concern at this point!

It’s great that they’re getting you in for tests so quickly, less time to worry! If there’s anything you’d like to ask feel free…

Take care of yourself, I’ll be thinking of you on Thursday…

Big warm cyber hugs to you,

Sara. x

Thanks very much for your comments ladies. It’s just really helpful to know that we’re not sitting alone and there are other people who can give great advice.

Sara, I hope mine is like yours!

Dawn, good luck with your treatment on Thursday.

Susan x

Breast nurse just phoned to say scan is normal!!!
Thanks very much for your support ladies!