Screening for Under 30's

Being a youngish women at dx (43) , it ws a 2 year struggle to get referred by my GP for a mammogram who consistently told me |“you are too young to get Breast Cancer” well BAH! what did he know! Anyway, interesting article in The Daily Mail re: screening for the unde 30’s with a strong family histroy. Here is the link :
Excellent idea as long as the GPs listen. And can we also remember that not all Breast Cancer is genetic - EVERYONE is at risk, no matter what the age!

Bumping up

Mmmm the Daily Mail lol. Mammograms are hard to read in younger women because the breasts are more dense. NICE guidlines for younger women who are at rist are MRI scans. Cancer research says.
"If you are younger than 40 and at an increased risk of developing breast cancer, NICE recommends that you should be offered yearly MRI scans from the age of 30 or 40, depending on your level of risk.
If you have had tests that show you have a change in a gene (mutation) known to increase the risk of breast cancer, the recommendations are slightly different. NICE recommend yearly MRI scans from

  • Age 20 for women with a TP53 mutation
  • Age 30 for women with a BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation"