Seat Belt problems

Good morning,
Since the end of radiotherapy I have been experiencing problems where I felt I had done really well with the surgery then radiotherapy. But since the end of the treatment I have had numerous problems. These have all been put down to the radiotherapy! I am also disabled with walking difficulties so rely on the car, I have been very uncomfortable using the seat belt whilst driving. My affected breast is the left one, I keep having to pull the belt away from my breast which is getting tedious. Has anyone else had this problem and what (if any) was the solution? I really hope someone can give some advice.
Thanks in anticipation

Go to Halfords - there is a great gadget that you can buy that fixes onto the seat belt and allows you to take the strain off your chest. I have had one for years and it is brilliant. It is safety approved and opens immediately you put any strain on it.

Thank you Olivia07 I will go today, I am very grateful.

I went to my local Halfords a while back and they don’t do that gadget anymore :frowning:

I had my left breast removed in March and still find the seatbelt uncomfortable. I manage with a small cushion that I put on my waist/hip area (takes lots of shifting to get it comfortable!) and it does help a bit with taking the pressure off that area as it takes the strain of the seatbelt.

Hope you are able to find a solution that suits you!

Jacki xx


The Penny Brohn centre in Bristol (formerly Bristol Cancer Care) sell a gadget like that. You can buy mail order from them and I am sure if you do a search on Penny Brohn you will be able to find the website.


Hello Eileen,

Like you I am experiencing pain after radio and the seat belt is often done behind my back ! I also use a peg at the top of my seat belt so it not to tight.

Courage, we have done the worth,

I have a thing called a Klunkup (Ithink) it locks the seatbelt where you want it, from Halfords, it is excellent

When all else fails, a hiking sock stuffed with cotton wool is good for propping the seat belt away from wherever you hurt, but thanks for the tip about the Klunkup - sounds a lot more elegant.

I looked on ebay for something to affix to the seat belt. Bought it so hope that’ll help. I also saw some of the Klunk Klick things as well for those of you who use ebay.

Jacki x

Thanks to you all, I also found that Halfords no longer do a gadget. I will look up the Penny Brohn as suggested and try there, also I will try ebay. You just need to be comfortable doing something!
I hope you all improve to the point where we no longer have to keep thinking about what to do to help our situation. People may say put it behind you now, but it is difficult when whatever you want to do you are continualy reminded what has happened. Even my sleve on my t shirt has beocme tight due to upper arm swelling.
Take care