Second amended duties return to work

Hi Ladies,

I returned to work on amended duties in June until start of school holidays in July. From September I was back to normal hours. The fatigue is a big problem and has, unfortunately, caused a setback in my on-going depression. I’ve been signed off until January and have been mulling over what to do. Retirement isn’t really what I wanted yet (as discussed on another thread - I’m 62). I’m wondering if anyone has had two returns to work on amended duties? This seems to be a way of easing back in without changing my contracted hours (an option I hope to avoid so as to protect my little bit of pension). Look forward to your comments…

Jak x



I am sure that Janey has done something like that.


Could you perhaps contact occupational health and discuss it all with them, they could then make a recommendation for you to go back on to amended duties again. 


remember that you are covered by the Equalities Act and your employer has to make reasonable adjustments to enable you to do your job.  I know other ladies have contact MacMillan and they have given very good advice with regard to this sort of thing


Sending you hugs


Helena xxx

Hi and sorry I seem to have missed your post. I do suddenly feel a lot better. Like some others I think I was struggling with delayed shock and needed to give myself space for a meltdown. I’m definitely feeling more like the old me again thank goodness. Someone said it takes 18 months and I think they were right! Hope you’re feeling ok and new tablets helping xx

Hi Jak and Janet, I’ve been reading this thread with interest. Can I ask where you are with your treatment? You sound very similar to me.

I was first dx in September 2014. Mastectomy, chemo , rads, reconstruction and redundancy!

I started a new part time job (24 hours over 4 days term time only) in September 2016. All went well until nov/Dec 2017 when dx with bone mets. I’m on new daily med plus monthly bone strengthening infusion and zoladex belly injection.

I’m shatteted! The monthly treatment knocks me out for a couple of days with flu like symptoms so I take a couple of days sick leave, but also have other odd days off to cope with mental and physical fatigue.

My boss is now getting tricky about my time off and is making an occupational health referral. My job is very busy and can be stressful, I want to work but have trouble concentrating and am exhausted by the time I get home.

If I keep working as I am then I’m a useless wife and mother, if I stop working I know my mind will get bored and I’ll miss the human interaction (got a menagerie of small furries!)

Not sure what I’m getting at here! Don’t need a phased return to work as I’m back, albeit with ad hoc sick days. Guess I need to negotiate change of hours but then I’ll be even busier at work!

It’s all so mentally and emotionally exhausting isn’t it?

Hi Riversidedawn,

I was diagnosed in 2016 after routine scan; finished treatment Jan 2017. It’s the emotional stress that I find difficult as I have struggled for 20 odd years with depression. Seem to be caught in never ending circle of fatigue, tiredness, emotion, knee pain and anxiety! We all have other ‘baggage’ to drag around - the older you get the bigger it gets! Our bags are overflowing just now and there are some things that can’t be off-loaded to make room. I am better than I was a month ago but still not well enough to try second return yet. I believe you can work and claim ESA, so I might go that route if it comes to that (still on full pay at the moment). My boss has been amazing and is worried that I might have felt under pressure to return to work the first time (last June). I’ve never had cancer before so had no idea how it would affect me or what expectations of returning to work are for me. It is difficult when well meaning workmates want you to be OK so presume you are!

It sounds as though you have a lot to cope with healthwise as well as everyday living. Occupational Health may be helpful as they should know the best way - don’t forget the protection we have under the Equality Act. Are you in a union? There is a great guy on the Maggies websit called Tom benefits. He has given me lots of advice and will give 30 mins online if I should need more. Give yourself a break: go and see your GP and see what he/she thinks - sometimes we have to let someone else be the decider. 

Hope you had a good day today,

Jak x

Hi Janey,

Thank you for asking after me - how are things with you?

This week I have seen ortho re knee plus psych and GP re meds. I’m now on Mirtazapine instead of Quetiapine (alongside Fluoxetine) and am waiting for MRI for knee prior to operation. Still signed off - can’t see me getting back until after knee op now. I’m still getting tired easily but doing more so that’s an improvement. The fatigue is still there but not so bad. Don’t hear much from school - I know they are busy. Just had a letter saying my next breast care app has been moved a couple of weeks later… and so it goes on!


Hi Vonne - I hope you are resting and looking after yourself?


xx Jak

Wow you’re still up against it Jak. I hope you don’t have too long to wait. Have you said you’ll take a cancellation? I hope new drug combination gets to work soon. I’m doing okay. I still he fatigue at the end of the day but definitely benefitting from reduced hours. Xx