second check up

hey peeps…i had my second 3 month check yesterday. The doc didnt find anything new or sinister with all of his poking and prodding. I asked him about recon surgery…his answer…wait til youve finished your rads, your options are limited but we will discuss this in february…nooooo want it sorted now!! I know I have to wait 12 months post rads…but hey id rather get on the list now and have a full year of knowing that its going to happen than be fobbed off. I asked if all surgery had to wait 12 months or is that just rads…am planning on getting sterilised as soon as poss…cos im sick of condoms etc and want to get back to normal with hubs if that makes sense…all this stopping and starting just does my head in…answer i got…wait til all your treatment is done and then we can discuss it…grrrr my reasoning…right if i go on the lists now…then by the time rads has finished and im however long post rads then im not having to wait forever for no reason if that makes sense. Hmmm maybe one day I will learn patience…but still not mastered that bit yet lol.