Second chemo done

Hi everyone,
Had second Epi on monday and not feeling too bad this time (fingers Crossed) was realy rough with the first one didnt manage to have one good day (nausea,Flu symtoms and severe bacterial throat infection so been on pencillin and pain killers all week and i realy didnt want to do it all over again so was dreading the second one but dragged myself there somehow and pleased to say ok at the min. The oncoligist lowered the dose slightly as was so poorly and i think thats helped.My hair is comming out in clumps now so i guess its time to get if shaved its so hard isnt it ive been trying to hang on to it for as long as possible but i know ive got to do it this week its just another hurdle to cross eh. The neulasta injections are giving me the acheing bones and flu symptoms but hopefully are keeping my WBC up a bit though was still a bit low last blood test dont know why .This chemo makes you pretty knackered doesnt it managed to do a bit of housework today but felt like id run a marathon after ha. Well two epis down two to go then on to Xeloda hopeing thatll be a little kinder side effect wise. I know we should be realy greatfull that we are getting all this treatment but sometimes its so hard when you are feeling so horrendous .Hope everyone is doing ok and keep your chin up girls we Will Get Through This and beat this bloddy desease.
Best Wishes to everyone
Lots of love
Lindiloo xx

Well done Lindiloo,

another one down!!! I suppose the bright side must be that you only have 2 more infusions left! I am on arm 2 of the TACT 2 trial so get 12 infusions!!! Only 2 to go though, No11 is next weds (bloods permitting!) so not complaining as I’m steaming through them!

I hope your side effects are almost non-existent and I wish you well as you prepare for ‘round 3’,

Take care,


Hi Kelly
I hope you don’t mind me asking you what the TACT 2 trial is. I’ve had 3 lots of FEC and have just started 3 lots of Tax with herceptin. I’ll be on herceptin after that for a year. My lump/s are grade 3 and I am HER2+. I just want to make sure I’m being given enough chemotherapy and I can see you are having 12 lots of Tax.

Hi RebzAmy,

I am not having Tax, the TACT 2 trial is E-CMF chemo. I had 4 Epi infusions to begin with and 8 CMF infusions. I too will be starting Herceptin once I’ve had my 15 rads. My lump was also grade 3.

I’m sure you are being given enough chemo, most people that are on the one you are having seem to have 3 and 3. I worry at times too, as people keep saying how Taxotere is great for those with lots of lymph nodes involved and I had loads of lymph node involvement yet am on E-CMF. I’m confident our oncologists know what they’re doing though!

Take care,


Thanks for the information Kelly now I understand I had thought it was a taxotere trial.
You take care too.

RebzAmy x