Second mammogram after lumpectomy - anxious wait for results!

I had a lumpectomy in 2014 followed by surgery for lymph node removal (cancer found in just one node) and radiotherapy. My first mammogram a year ago was fine. I was told Immediately that things looked ok and had a clinic appointment 4 days later to confirm this. This time I am finding the wait so much more stressful and can honestly say I feel more scared now than at any tome during my treatment! The results procedure at our hospital is to only inform you if they need to call you back which can take up to 2 weeks. It is just so scary knowing that if a letter arrives it is going to be a recall letter and I have already developed a phobia of the post to the extent that my understanding partner has to enter the house first if we have been out!!!  The lovely helpline lady suggested I call my BCN and ask her to chase up results and said my anxiety was quite normal. At the moment just wondering how I am going to get through the next few weeks and wondered whether anyone else has experienced a system where they only let you know if they find anything suspicious. I know from my initial diagnosis that there is a lot of waiting for results involved but seems like they could do this in a kinder way! Think I have relived every hospital appointment in the past few days and convinced myself that it is all going to start again. Any advice for avoiding complete meltdown very welcome !!!

Hi Jane_61,

I am really sorry to hear you are feeling anxious waiting for the letter. I am sure a lot of users have experienced this feeling and will be along to support soon.

It is good to hear that you had support from our helpline and please do call them again if you have any more questions or just need to have a friendly chat. The opening hours are below.

Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm
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Saturday, 9am-1pm

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Hi, I have just had my 2nd year mammogram after treatment (chemo, lumpectomy and radiotherapy) and waited a week to hear all clear. The relief is overwhelming. No less stressful than last year.  It stays with you I know. I have no decent advice other than be strong - you have been through a lot and should be proud of yourself - anxiety is a terrible thing and hard to combat.  I send you all my good wishes. X