Second mastectomy in two years

I had a full mastectomy two years ago on my right breast and a week and a half ago I have just had another to remove my left breast I have been told that my lymph nodes are clear but because my both my cancers were hormonal? I have also been told that I need my ovaries removed as well.
Having no boobs means that I don’t feel anything like a woman at the moment as it is, but the thought of my other bits going as well is hard to get my head around at the moment. Any advice anybody???

Hi. I don’t know about advice but i can understand how you feel.I had months of very bad one sided pelvic pain eventually diagnosed with cysts. In between having a routine mammogram and seeing the gynae consultant i was diagnosed with breast cancer. So instead of just removing one ovary he took both out for the same reason as you and then 4 weeks later i had the mastectomy. All a bit of a shock. But because i had so much pain i was glad to get rid of them.Sounds daft now but that was my priority rather than the breast cancer. After the initial euphoria of both ops it really hit me.It has helped enormously to talk to the cancer counseller. I think what has helped me though was having immediate reconstruction but everyone is different.I did put off seeing a counseller for months but did in the end because i felt no one understood how i felt. You’ve been hit by a double whammy.Rather recent for me so sorry haven’t helped much have i? But do talk to someone.Even though i didn’t feel like it i tried to concentrate on other things like new hair cut or clothes. Sounds bit trivial but it helped me to feel more feminine i guess, that i was still the same person inside despite my missing bits! x