Second mastectomy request

Hello ladies.

I saw my surgeon on 24th May to request a second mx on my healthy breast. She was very understanding and said she would take my request to MDT and let me know. I have a few questions about this and hope someone can help me.
How long will I be waiting for it to go to MDT?
Will I get a call or letter advising me of the outcome?
If they refer me to a psychologist - which she did say may happen - is this a long wait? Or is it possible to go private for that appointment?
What happens if it’s agreed at MDT, I assume I will go back and see the surgeon.
Sorry for all the questions.
Not sure if I have put this in the right place. I have also put it on the nurses forum as well.
Thanks for reading. X

Hello Ollybobs


I  had a second mastectomy in 2010 and am very happy with the outcome but I experienced a different response from my (male)surgeon who was reluctant to refer to mdt as didn’t want to remove healthy tissue

I requested in may but didn’t get my mastectomy until November

I was told I had to fund and find my own psychologist privately which I  did and I got the impression that my surgeon had thought that by putting obstacles in my way I would be put off!

So in your position I would telephone the surgeon’s secretary or BCN on a regular basis for an update-don’t let them think you have gone off the idea

Funding for elective surgery is tighter now than it was in 2010 so the mdt will have to consider this

If you have any other questions I will be happy to respond-for example are you BRCA or other high recurrence risk category as that will affect speed of decision making ?


Best wishes

Lainey x






I had a double MX (left side prophylactic) with immediate DIEP flap reconstruction 5 weeks ago. I paid to speak to a breast surgeon and for a clinical psychologist for myself. I wanted someone independent to take me through my thoughts and ideas to make sure I was doing this for the right reasons. I was diagnosed before Christmas last year and I decided in the middle of January it was definitely what I wanted. The recon wasn’t done in my area and they didn’t help adivse me. I had to find everything out for myself. They clearly weren’t happy.  I found the plastic surgeon I wanted to do the recon  2hours away from where I live and she agreed to do the recon. The breast surgeons there took a month to decide they wouldn’t do the double mx. Luckily the plastic surgeon agreed with me and my reasoning and she found a breast surgeon who would do the double. Ended up in a private hospital with a NHS slot so that the 2 NHS surgeons could operate together!! The breast surgeons at my hospital and the other made it really difficult for me. They don’t like to do it, but it is our right to have what we want (nice guidelines).

All I can tell you is research well and decide what you want for yourself. You are the one who will be living in your body afterwards, no one else. If you want the double though be prepared for a battle. They clearly thought they could scare me into giving up. They picked on the wrong one.


For 2 days after the op I felt like I’d been hit by a bus. The op and the recovery many be longer, but only 5weeks later (in fact before I’d even left the hospital) I know I have made the right choice. I had the time before the op to eat well and exercise to prepare myself for it and I am eating well for healing now. It is paying dividends. We aren’t passengers on this nightmare trip. Drive your own decisions, is what I say, as long as they are well informed.


Good luck Ollybobs. Xxx

Ladies thank you all for your positive comments. I know I may have a battle ahead but it’s one I’m prepared to fight xx