Second Opinion after Lumpectomy

I had a lumpectomy for a stage 1 grade 1 ER+ HER2- two months ago.  Since then, and after discussion and with the agreement of my GP, I am now looking for a second opinion on my follow up treatment. 

I have been researching specialists in London/Home counties who would take the time to consider my case holistically (i.e. take into account my medical history in conjunction with my cancer diagnosis).  Can anyone suggest an oncologist who would be suitable?

Hi kirsty9,

Welcome to the forum. May I please be so bold as to ask for the reason for you looking for a second opinion with regards to your follow up treatment and what are you hoping for the outcome to be?

In which NHS authority are you being treated?

It is good to read that your GP is on board with this, as it can be a tricky path to navigate. Sorry to ask so many questions - when you say holistically - are you looking for someonw, who may use ‘alternative’ ways of treating you or are you concerned that the suggested follow up treatment part is detrimental to existing conditions?

Sue xx