Second thoughts about Tamoxifen...

I am doing my research and the more I know about the drugs ( Tamoxifen in my case too )the more I want to stop and go the natural way, which gives back our immune system the power to heal and fight as it should be.
I am waiting to see my doctor again for new set of pains and itchiness on my breast and
all sorts of side effects, the most recent and still going on is an awful taste in my mouth.
I hope to find the courage to stick to one or the other way.
As this treatment is for prevention I am having questions wether this is really preventing or bringing new problems.
I must say my side effects are little ( depression, urine infections, lumps in my tongue) compared to others but I must share my experience.
I will appreciate your views, your experience if you had stopped Tamoxifen or if you simply had any thoughts about it.
I appreciate every decision to tackle the cancer but is hard to take the tablets once you hear about the real power of cure which is in our body.
All the best whatever we decide!

Hi Gabii,

I personally am sceptical about claims about ‘natural’ healing, as cancer is an aggressive disease & the conventional treatments recommended, are well researched with proven outcomes. 

Tamoxifen is well, established & has proven track record in markedly reducing the risk of recurrence. Unless it was for very good reasons & in agreement with the oncology team, I would always choose to continue as I would find it much more difficult to deal with a recurrence, if I had not followed the recommended treatment plan. 

I wish you well with it all. 

ann x



Hi Gabii    I would heartily echo what Ann has said. I wonder how long you have been using the tablets? If not for very long, the symptoms may improve in time, and if for longer, then maybe a change of brand would help - people often find significant improvements after changing their brand. 

 I am with you on the ability of the body to help itself though - I’ve made huge lifestyle changes and currently feel “as fit as a butcher’s dog” - 2 stone lighter, more exercise, masses of fruit and veg, non-smoker - to help to prevent a recurrance. BUT I am still taking the hormone therapy, as I would prefer not to have cancer again if at all possible. These lifestyle changes also have the advantage of minimising or preventing the side effects of the drug, which in my case are almost non-existant. I had achey hips before bc due to arthritis, and that is either the same or occasionally a bit better than before due to being lighter; getting out and about in the sunlight is good for mood. As you say, do discuss with your doctor and think very carefully about the pros and cons. Good luck with whatever road you go down. xxx

Thanks for all the comments. Mine was more like a wish rather than a decision… I spoke to my doctor and because of my family history and my type of cancer I have best chances if I stick to the T.
But I am changing my diet to support my immune system. I haven’t been that careful before and that’s probably why my body wasn’t ready to fight back.
I appreciate each one of your inputs and I hope this was also useful for anyone who had second thoughts about Tamoxifen.