second time around

Hi Lulu,

Thank you so much for your good wishes. I am glad that I found the courage to start posting on this site.

Hello cleome
sorry you’ve had to join us, but welcome! 20 years without recurrence is a good long time, I had 12 good years in between and feel very lucky compared to a lot of my friends here.
I did have numbness, tingly bits and that mad itch after surgery, surgeon said it was nerve damage, and it has all resolved (since 1997!)it did take quite a while.
Strange how friends disappear - my OH says I should be more tolerant, that they perhaps can’t deal with it, but I’m afraid I write them off - if the position was reversed, I KNOW I would focus on their feelings not my own. I’m not a saint or anything, but thats what you do for friends, isn’t it?
anyway, wanted to say hello, not rant at you!
Lulu, hope you’re doing OK, been thinking about you honey xxx
love, monica x

Hi cleome I too went 18 years and just had a mastectomy grade 2 like you ,I had chemo was 7 percent advantage and I take arimidex.Let us know how you are going on there are a lot of lovely ladies who will support you love suzan xx

Hi I had masectomy in 2004 grade 1 so put on tomixofendid not get on with side effects so came off it after 18 months ,now 6 years later just had lumpectomy on other side grade 3 but no lymph nodes really hoping chemo wont be mentioned but going wed for results so scared xx

Oh Janey, its just crap isn’t it, being chucked back into this. I’ll be thinking of you weds, hope everything goes OK and your results are as good as they can be

janey i hope you dont need to have chemo, but with a grade 3 tumour it my well be recommended even with negative nodes… its crap having to go through it all again.

sending big hugs

Lulu xx