Second time around

Hello ladies I had Er+ grade 2 diagnosed oct 16 aged 41 and had WLE rads and am on tamoxifen all went smoothly but…I now have another lump about 5mmround and smooth high up on my breast near chest area. It appeared Monday (pretty sure it wasn’t there before) and I managed to see my consultant today. He has referred me for an ultrasound and follow up in a month and mentioned a possible cyst but on the whole wasn’t very reassuring. Please can anyone tell me:1 would a suspicious lump hurt as this does? 2 would it appear overnight? 3 could a malignant lump happen so high up and not in a milk gland?(he did say it wasn’t). I can’t believe I’m looking at reoccurrence already despite bloody tamoxifen! I’m more anxious than before because it happened once. Please help! Thanks Rebecca

Hello Rebecca


I remember you were diagnosed and had treatment about the same time.


Its good that you are getting this checked for your own peace of mind, but dont you just love some surgeons’ bedside manner!!  I am presuming you have had your first post op mammo by now.


I have seen on here posts from ladies who have found a lump around their scar area and after an ultrasound it has turned out to be a cyst or scar tissue but basically not anything more sinister


Helena xx

Thanks. It is not anywhere near the surgery site it is almost not on the breast at all nearer the chest area. I’ve had a least one mammogram since,all fine, and an mri was done at the time I was diagnosed so surely dcis would of shown up then if bc is slow growing?

Hi Rebecca


It’s Emily here from Breast Cancer Care. 


I’m sorry to hear you’re waiting again for further test results, and it’s natural that you’d be anxious (particularly as you say, as you’ve been there before). We have a few volunteers who have had the worry of waiting for results for a possible recurrence and who understand what an anxious time it can be. If you’d like to speak to someone by email or phone, feel free to send me a private message over the forum, and I can put you in touch. 


Best wishes

Emily at Breast Cancer Care

Hi Emily thank you for replying. I phoned the helpline in the end as I was going out of my mind and I finally got some answers to my worriesfrom there. Anyway I went for an u/s on Friday and was told it was just a lump of fat and there was nothing suspicious there at all! Thanks Rebecca