Second time was much harder

I was diagnosed in 2014. After the physiological ups and downs I was on my way to move on. Then this year I had a chest wall recurrence. This meant re-staging, new medications, radiotherapy.
Oncologist skillfully avoided telling me my prognosis (for for reasons: she thought there wasn’t a good calculator for recurrences)

So now I’m struggling, both physically -fatigue and drowsiness won’t improve, hot flushes are a pain- and emotionally, as it seems I’ll never be of the hook…

Dear Zoas 

so sorry to hear you have had this recurrence. It’s just so unfair.

is your treatment all mapped out? 

Have you got support at home?

i know you are still reeling from the shock of it all but you dealt with it before and you will again this time. Take it a step at a time.


Thanks Running free (brilliant name btw)
My active treatment is finished (again). Radio was more tiring than chemo, which i wasn’t expecting. But my main problem is that the thought of 10 years of zoladex/letrozole really gets me down.
Family/friends/partner have been fantastic, really a silver lining, but they can’t change the reality of it
I’ve been seeing a psychologist, coming to terms with it, but very slowly and with a lot of set backs…