Secondaries/ Herceptin & Slimming World

I’m HER-2 positive with mets in my bones. Since my ferry first diagnosis I’ve out in nearly 4 stone. The scales reaching 14.10 yesterday was the moment I knew it needed to stop!
Yesterday was a good day although I found it terribly hard.
I’ve decided to join Slimming World. I’m
Going to join my first class today. Has anyone found that SW doesn’t work for them because of medications & treatment. I’m keen to know how you get on. How do you cope with the diet and everything else? Do you exercise too? Please helps to focus and get in the zone!!

Hello Devon01. I know how you feel although i am on Letrozole not Herceptin.
I had my Zometa infusion yesterday, sometimes they weigh me and other times not…

Anyway it was a medical student yesterday so he did everything by the book, and he did weigh me. I asked for my weight, almost wish I hadn’t. Have put on 2 stone…but like you it has given me the motivation to do something about it…

I don’t know about slimming world but I have a friend who lost 4 stone on it and she is transformed. I cannot comment on how it would work alongside treatments etc. but I can’t see a problem. You would still be getting proper (and good nourishment)

I am considering the 5:2 diet.

Have booked a holiday and after all of the time and effort I put into finding insurance etc. i want to enjoy it.

ALL of the waistbands on my clothes are too tight and tops are tight around my middle, however i must confess that I am also a bit of an emotional/comfort eater.

Let me know how you get on!!

Hi - my first time on the forum, so not sure what I’m doing!  But I read your post about Slimming World and need to tell you that at least for me it’s been brilliant.  I’ve got secondaries in bones and lung and am currently on capecitabine and lapatanib.  I’ve been on herceptin in the past but that’s finished now.  Like you I put weight on during chemo but I lost it all, plus a little more.  I love the diet, the food choices, and yes, I upped my exercise, but only a little as I couldn’t manage much.  Hopefully it’s working for you too.

I had a go at the slimming world diet while undergoing treatment (chemo, rads, herceptin, tamox). I didn’t attend meetings but followed the plan which my sister photocopied. I lost 2 stomes. It is pretty easy and is one thing to feel good about when struggling with all the other rubbish this disease throws at us.

Good luck.

I know the feeling iv put so much weight on this past year and it just seems to be rising daily. I am also HER2 positive with liver and bone mets on letrozole and herseptin. I am just thinking now is there any way to control this weight gain …help !!

I am waiting to have a liver scan and an MRI on my spine next Monday and Tuesday. Not looking forward to the MRI had one before and although not claustrophobic really didn’t like it! CT scan I had showed up some problems. Anyway Slimming world is good though I feel a depressed with everyone saying about weight gain I was hoping losing one boob and a dose of chemo (still waiting to start) would be instant diet!!! I didn’t go to class but have lots of their books and get their magazine every month (very good for inspiration reading everyones stories) and lost 5 stone over about 21/2 years and have actually for the very first time in my life managed to keep it off though I still have loads to lose. I have dieted since I was 11 years old after the powers that be telling me that at that age and 5ft 6ins and just over 10 st that I was fat. I wish I was that fat now!!! So for the rest of my life I have dieted lost weight put it back with a bit more beside and would say over the years (more than I wish to admit to) I have lost and gained probably about 25st losing a bit here a bit there, bit back on here bit there!! I am now after following Slimming World the lightest I have been for years although still overweight. Thing with SW you can eat proper food and some of their recipies are really good and portions a good size. I like my food too much to eat one lettuce leaf a day! Mind set has a lot to do with it as well I have finally got my head around what I should eat and when and if I have a piggy day it’s not a problem. I would say to any of you give it a go.