Secondary BC Awareness Day

Does anyone know where on the BCC site there is information on this October’s Secondary Awareness Day?


I just clicked on ‘News - Media Centre- Breast cancer awareness month october 2013 press pack’ on the home page.  Very little mention at all of Secondary BC Day - I still don’t know what BCC is highlighting in October!


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I will pass this on and get an update for you.

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To be honest it seems as though things haven’t moved on much in the last couple of years.  ‘Secondary’ breast cancer is exactly that, secondary to early stage breast cancer, secondary in importance, secondary as a priority in the world of breast cancer.  This is why I prefer the term Metastatic Breast Cancer, or even Advanced Breast Cancer.  Calling us Secondary only reminds me that this is the way we seem to be treated.


30% of those diagnosed with early stage BC will have a recurrence and develop Metastatic BC.  It is the kind of BC that kills (I’ve never found any evidence that early stage BC kills) and yet we get ONE DAY in the Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Shouldn’t we be the one’s to get the month and early stage get one day?


On average internationally only about 3% of research funding is devoted to Metastatic BC.  Early stage BC gets 97%!

Well said, Vicki!

Jenanne, There’s a thread about SBCAD under Campaigns which you may find interesting. Here’s the link: