Secondary BC forums confusing?

Is it just me or does anyone else find the way that the SBC forums are structured a bit confusing?

I can understand that it’s useful to keep the End of life and Meet-ups as seperate areas and I think it would be useful to have a section that is just about BCC information like the awareness days etc.

The other 3 areas - Living with… Talking with others about… Treatment and medical issues… To my mind, they overlap and personally, I’m never sure where to post and then if I don’t add it as a favourite, I can never remember where I put it or find where others have posted without checking all 3 areas!

Any other SBC’s think this or is it just my fuzzy head?

Laurie x

No, Laurie, it’s not just you! I tend to just look at the Latest Posts part so I can see how everyone with secondaries is doing. However, trying to find an old thread is a nightmare! I tried a wile ago to find the Secondaries specific thread about travel insurance but gave up after a lot of searching. Probably 1 main section would be best and then if there are specific questions about chemo etc they could be put in the general section?
As to whether your head is fuzzy, well that’s up to you, I’m not making any comments lol
Nicky xx