Secondary Breast Cancer Awareness Day 2012: shine a spotlight on secondary breast cancer

13 October 2012 is Secondary Breast Cancer Awareness Day. Part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the day is dedicated to publicising the issues affecting people with secondary breast cancer. The day also focuses on campaigning for improvements in the treatment and care of the tens of thousands of people living with secondary breast cancer in the UK. We launched the Awareness Day in 2010 and this is now its third year.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the focus groups, phone interviews and survey earlier this year, to help us plan the Awareness Day for 2012.

This year, we’re using the theme of ‘A day in the life’ to challenge some of the misconceptions around what it means to live with a secondary diagnosis and to engage the media and decision-makers. We’ve produced new web pages, a booklet and three short films about ‘A day in the life’ to illustrate the everyday practicalities of living with secondary breast cancer. Find out more at and please support the campaign by adding your own day-to-day experiences of living with secondary breast cancer.

We’re hoping to build on last year’s success where we saw a significant amount of coverage of the subject in the UK’s local, regional and national media. If you’re interested in volunteering for media work to help get secondary breast cancer covered in the media, please email

You can also join our Spotlight campaign to improve standards of care for people with secondary breast cancer. Download ‘Taking action together’, our new guide with a range of easy campaign actions. Download the guide here or contact me if you’d like a printed copy.

If you’d like more details of how to get involved in Secondary Breast Cancer Awareness Day, or you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please email me at

We’re working to make sure Secondary Breast Cancer Awareness Day becomes a key event of Breast Cancer Awareness Month – the more people who take part, the bigger the campaign will be. Thank you again to everyone who has supported the Day. Please take part and join us in shining a spotlight on secondary breast cancer.

Thanks, Clare & others involved from BCC.
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Jo, Facilitator

We are also running an extra live chat session to mark Secondary Breast Cancer Awareness Day in October. The session is on Wednesday 10 October, 8.30-9.30pm.

This is in addition to the usual session Tuesday session.

Because it’s a special session, we thought we’d give you a say in what you want the session to focus on. Have a look at this quick survey and use it to let us know whether you’ll be able to “attend” the special session and which of the topics you’d like the session to focus on.

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Sorry to moan but I do think BCC should be doing everything possible to focus on secondary bc… after all, it is for life, not just for 13th October.

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Here are some suggestions to raise the profile of sbc.

  • For October, make a prominent link to the “Secondary” section of the BCC website, from the main BCC home page, (not just on the community/forum pages!) - make the link as obvious as the “Please donate” button on every page of the forum!
  • go pink and black for the 13th October…

Hi MrsBlue
Many thanks for your suggestions. We’re currently working on promoting Secondary Breast Cancer Awareness day throughout the website, as well as social media sites and in the wider media, so keep an eye out for more information and links soon. We were keen to post here first to make sure forum members were among the first to see the new pages and had the chance to add their own ‘Day in the Life’ to the website.
Thanks again,
Charlie, Marketing Team

Just pre-ordered my free copy of “A Day in the Life”… and another one for my BCN!

Great stuff mrsblue. Hope you (both) like it.

i rather thought that the link to the info and films would be one of the 4 banner headlines that come up on the first page, given the time and effort that went into producing them.
i chalenged several computer savvy friens to come to the main page to find the info but none of them could…

Hi alesta29
We have plans to increase the promotion of the Day in the Life of info & videos on the homepage and throughout the website from early next week (the beginning of Breast Cancer Awareness Month).

Hi, I know we have our secondary breast cancer awareness day but is there anything we can do now? There’s an awful lot of pink around and I appreciate the efforts of those involved to raise awareness and funds, but how will the public recognise secondaries amongst the sea of pink? Is there anything stand out planned on facebook for example? I’ve turned pink, liked everything in my news feed etc but want to see something for us. Is there a media plan to publise on search engines, banners etc? Even graphics to differentiate us might help? I see you’re working with local media, perhaps a call to all of us to share these stories? I do plan on joining the tweet but my area has signed up so I’m more interested it making sure research and drugs receive funding. In equal proportion to primary cancer.

What or how do I find stats on how much is spent on research? Think I’d like to tweet about that.

Hi Na7asha

Thank you for supporting the campaign. Now we’ve received input from forum users on the new materials, and October has arrived, we’re increasing promotion. The campaign is now on our home page and across the website, and in Vita magazine out now.

We’re hoping that people who use our secondary services will get involved in the campaign; as well as posting it on the Forum, we’ve been promoting the Day to clients, volunteers, supporters and Breast Cancer Voices (keep up to date We’re also promoting the materials to healthcare professionals.

We’ll be continuing to talk about the campaign on Facebook and twitter, and we’d like everyone on social media to post about the campaign. Those on twitter can find out more about our forthcoming ‘twobby’ and join our ‘thunderclap’ on 13 October. We also have some promotional postcards to give/send out – please let me know if you’d like some.

The media team are busy placing stories and we’re hoping to repeat the success from last year when we increased the coverage about secondary breast cancer in the media.

We’re asking people to support the campaign by doing any or all of the following:

  • Add your ‘day’ to the website at
  • Email the Awareness Day link to everyone you know and post it on Facebook and twitter
  • Order copies of the ‘Day in the life’ booklet to give it to friends, family, colleagues and healthcare professionals
  • Give our campaign postcard out to anyone you think might take part (email for a supply)
  • Let us know if you would be happy to talk to journalists as a Media Volunteer to help generate media coverage
  • Take one or more of the actions in our ‘Taking action together’ campaign guide.

Best wishes

PS In answer to your question about finding out how much is being spent on research, you may find these useful. The DoH has produced a document called ‘Improving outcomes: A strategy for cancer’ which sets out how they plan to improve outcomes for all cancer patients and improve cancer survival rates. Visit Cancer research and treatment - GOV.UK And the National Cancer Research Institute maintains a Cancer Research Database and undertakes analyses of what research is being done to inform decisions about new research. Visit

Thanks Lucy. I’ve liked and retweeted quite a bit already today. Going to share anything relevant I find on my facebook page, linking back to here. Have also joined the thunderclap.
I may do a day in the life but am not sure how helpful I’d be as am newly diagnosed. Happy to talk to media but again, I’m such a novice.
Do plan on scouring those links you sent for stats, thanks so much.
I’ll keep shouting from the rooftops.

Hi Na7asha, thank you very much for supporting the campaign. We’re hoping that as many people as possible add their ‘days’ to the website to illustrate the wide range of experiences of secondary breast cancer, including people who are newly diagnosed and those who have been living with it for several years.

If you’d like to add your day, you can do so here:
or email me at

We’re also hoping to generate media coverage of a wide range of case studies, including people who have recently received their secondary diagnosis. If you’d like to find out more about media volunteering, please contact me or email Sophie in our press team at

Thanks again for all your support.


Calling all Facebookers & Tweeters!

There are a couple of very quick things you can do to raise awareness of secondary breast cancer awareness day this year. Lucy mentioned them above and I wanted to explain a bit more so you all know what to do.

Join our Thunderclap

A Thunderclap is a way of donating a Facebook status or Twitter update. Sign up here and if we get enough support (we need 250 people to donate their status) they’ll all be sent out at the same time on 13 October and create a “thunderclap” of noise about secondary breast cancer. So far we’ve got about 50 people to donate their status, so we need another 200 otherwise the thunderclap doesn’t go out. So please do sign up and ask your friends and family to as well.

Join the twobby

As well as raising people’s awareness of secondary breast cancer, we also want to improve the standards of care people with a secondary diagnosis receive. To this end, we’d like people to tweet their MP and ask them to ask their local Cancer Network to sign up to the Breast Cancer Care Standards of Care. There are lots more details on the twobby page and again we’re trying to co-ordinate the action so it has the most impact. The twobby will take place 10-12 on Friday 12 October (the working day before Secondary Breast Cancer Awareness Day on 13 Oct), so if you are a tweeter, please take part in the twobby and help raise the standards of care people receive.

Just one more thing…
This blog by Ismena Clout was published on the Independent website today. Ismena talks about her experience of being diagnosed with and living with secondary breast cancer.

Come on ladies! Primary, secondary, whatever you are, join the Thunderclap and help to raise awareness of secondary breast cancer. We can do better than 55 supporters…

have joined, we should be able to get thousands surely?