Secondary Breast Cancer Awareness Day 2012: shine a spotlight on secondary breast cancer

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I’m a 1aryNEDdie and have signed up and sharing with family and friends. xxxx

Think this needs a BUMP as I checked the thunderclap and it is still less than half way to the required number of people… c’mon everyone, we all need to get behind this and support the secondaries folk, who are always there for us “1ary and NEDdy” people to encourage us on our way.

The link is here: Thunderclap - Social Media Marketing Service

(The link for higher up this thread seems to have got corrupted as I get security warnings if I click it)

thanks for your kind sentiments rev cat,unfortuneately this link seems to have the same problems so maybe someone has another link.

ok if you try to click on the link that has been posted you get a security warning, but if you google thunderclap secondary cancer
you will get the same link which works.Not sure why but please everyone post your support we really need to bring awareness of secondary breast cancer to attention of the world at large.

thanks for your support

L xx

This works


Thank you very much to everyone for your support. We are starting to see articles about Secondary Breast Cancer Awareness Day in the media with more to follow. Our list of coverage here now includes pieces on the Telegraph, Independent, STV and K9 websites, and in Women’s Weekly magazine.
We have more coverage in the pipeline and will add pieces to our list as they appear, including case study Frances Dean featuring on QVC’s ‘Be aware, show you care’ show which is on from 6 to 9pm on Wednesday 17 October.
If you spot any media coverage mentioning secondary breast cancer or ‘A day in the life’, please email us at

And if you’d like to help us generate media coverage by talking to journalists about your experiences, please email

Please continue to send information about the Awareness Day to everyone you know. If you’re on twitter please tweet using #spotlight and @BCCare - and encourage people to join our twobby on Friday and thunderclap on Saturday.

Today I received my 2 copies of “A day in the life” (having received in a separate mailing, a few days ago, 2 copies of your general Support for SBC booklet, which I had NOT requested! - waste of BCC’s resources for unnecessary postage, though I will pass them on to my BCN/clinic with a copy of “A Day”).

“A Day” is in A5 format, 22 pages. (No, I’m not in it!)
Suggestion for 2013: focus on celebrities (living or dead) with bc mets. Not my idea, see a previous posting! Time to get planning now?

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has signed up to the Thunderclap so far. We’re up to 70% of the target now, so it feels within reach! Only a few more days to go, though, so if you haven’t signed up yet (and asked your friends to too), please do.


Please, Leah, can you explain what exactly Thunderclap and Twobby are??? I have heard of Facebook and Twitter but I do not use those sites. I have never heard my three computer-savvy adult children referring to Thunderclap.
And why does this use a site - are they doing something special in Italy for secondary breast cancer this month?

**Thunderclap**is a site that allows you to donate one tweet and/or one facebook update to a particular cause. If (when) we reach our target of 250 people signing up, the Thunderclap site will send out the tweets and updates at the same time (in this case at 1pm on 13 October). The aim is to make a bigger impact than if those updates trickled out over a few weeks. So the updates will appear on Facebook and Twitter all at one time.

Thunderclap is based in New York but they’ve used an Italian domain so their web address is “Thunderclap It” ( Quite a lot of sites use other domains for that purpose - either for making their web address spell out a word or phrase, or for making their web address shorter. You can read more about this on Wikipedia.

The “twobby” is a twitter lobby, that is, an online version of a real-life lobby (which is where people would all arrange to see their MP about a specific subject at a particular time). Here are a couple of examples of recent charity lobbies of parliament: social care lobby and brain tumour charities’ lobby.

So instead of turning up at Westminster, or the Senedd or Holyrood, we’re asking people to tweet their MP between 10am and 12 noon on Friday 12 October to ask them to ask their local Cancer Network to sign up to Breast Cancer Care’s standards of care for people living with secondary breast cancer in their area. There are some suggested tweets on our site, as well as info about how you find out who your MP/MSP/AM is and where they are on twitter.

Afernoon All ,

Joined the thunderclap and shared on my face book .

Please read the blog by Ismena Clout - Her words echo so much what we are going through with Secondary cancer

Have a lovely evening every one - Roll on Friday

Love Rosie chin xxxxx

You can find the link to Ismena’s article, and other media coverage of secondary breast cancer, here.

If you’re not on twitter or Facebook (and even if you are), there are lots of other ways to spread the word about Secondary Breast Cancer Awareness Day. As well as giving copies of ‘A day in the life’ (our printed booklet) out to friends, family, colleagues, healthcare professionals and so on, please take any of the actions listed in our new campaign guide ‘Taking action together’. Actions include visiting your MP, MSP or AM, and writing to your local Cancer Network. You can read it online or if you’d like a printed copy of the guide, please email - thank you.

Only 30 more needed three days left, cmon girls!!xx

Great news on the Thunderclap: we just reached the minimum target of 250 people donating their twitter or facebook status to raise awareness of secondary breast cancer. This means the thunderclap will definitely go out on 13 October.

People can still sign up - and the more people who do, the further the message will reach and the bigger impact it will have - so please do sign up if you haven’t already. But for now, thank you for helping us reach that target!

In other news, we have a new blog post on the Breast Cancer Care homepage about our campaign to raise the standards of care for people diagnosed with secondary breast cancer and all the ways you can support the campaign Search Results | Breast Cancer Now


Bumping up. Get lobbying your MP’s on twitter at 10 am. This needs to be trending and knock all that bloody pink merchandise out the headlines. Get working that social media!

Thanks southpool - I’m lining up a tweet to my MP as we speak…

We’ve also got a message from Jane Hinnrichs, our Chair of Trustees, on our website to mark the day.

My MP is not on twitter, how ridiculous. Will write to him instead, but my Cancer centre has already signed up so am going to plead for a bigger slice of the funding budget than 5%.