Secondary breast cancer group in Brighton/east Sussex

I’ve been trying to find a secondary support group in the Brighton/East Sussex area with no success. I’ve approached a couple of breast care nurses who are happy to help organise one. They’ve even suggested a very nice venue. Question is if there is enough demand to justify it. Are there any lovelies out there that would be interested in starting a group? Hope to hear from some of you… I’m dying to have a little gossip on the care you’ve received in this area!

Hi there,
I think there is a sceondary BC group who meet in Cuckfield - I went along one time by mistake which rather freaked me out (please God I’m only a primary BC lady so far). They seemed a lovely bunch and can be contacted through the BC nurses at Brighton or Princess royal H Heath.
Hope this helps

Hi Lollypop,
I’m a secondaries girl (well I’m 50 so maybe not girl!)and I live in Brighton (though I have my treatment in London)I’d be interested in a group, I know there are primary support groups but secondary groups are rarer.What venue has been suggested? Is it in Brighton?

I was dx primary in 1999 and bone mets in March 2010. Would be good to have contact with others. Thanks for starting this thread.


Just bumping incase Brighton/Sussex women haven’t seen this yet. Anybody out there?

Unfortunately the secondary support group in Cuckfield no longer exists. The venue that has been suggested is the new Breast cancer diagnostic centre. They have rooms upstairs. It has been mentioned, however, that this venue has bad memories for some (like being diagnosed there). It’s a lovely, modern facility though. I hope there’s more interest in this with time. I would love to have a purpose these days! Please keep the thread going. By the way, I received my original dx at the Nuffield in Brighton. I’d be very interested in hearing anybody elses experience here. God bless xxxxx. LL xxxxxx

Hi Lollipop Girl.
I hope the Cuckfield Group still exist, because I’m giving a talk there on the 24th January 2011.
Why not speak to the Breast Care Nurse at the Park Centre Brighton?

Hi Lollypop and lemongrove,

Lemongrove I hope it does exist too otherwise you’ll have to come and find me and lollypop and give us the talk instead!

I think the diagnostic centre and the Park Centre are the same place am I right?

Lollypop, I too hope we get more interest, it would be great to get a group together.I’d be interested in your experience here in B’ton.

Happy New year! lets hope it’s kind to us.



I know there is a support group every Tuesday (I thunk - this is from memory though) at the BrightHelm Centre near LA Fitness. Not sure it is specific to primary or secondary but it may help? I live in Hove but dx at Worthing (brilliant treatment!!!) as only just moved when it all happened!!

Em x

That one has moved to the park centre by preston park. I went once when i was first diagnosed and spoke to a few people, they were nice but they all seemed a lot older than me (im in my 30s) and some had had primary BC many years ago and nothing since… I ended up just feeling jealous that they had it all behind them and had survived so long - talking about their grandchildren when I’m unlikely to see my son’s 4th birthday. So I couldn’t face it again, which is a shame cos they do freebie massages and stuff like that.

I would be more interested in a group specific to secondary BC.

The Cuckfield group meet every 2nd and 4th Monday each month so I expect I will see you Lemongrove!. The group is a general one - not specifically for those with secondary bc.


Hi ladies
I was diagnosed at the Park Centre in Brighton, had my op at the Princess Royal in HH, had chemo & rads at the RSCH & live in Hove. Phew!
I’d be happy to discuss my treatment with you Lollypop girl. I’ll PM you with my contact details.
Big hugs & a very happy & healthy New Year to all of you ladies.

Stella X

It’s my understanding that there hasn’t been a group specifically for secondary breast cancer survivors for a couple of years in Cuckfield. Is the group you are speaking of the onenthat used to meet at the Triangle Healing Centre? I really miss that place. I, too, have attended the bc support group In Brighton on a couple of occasions, but didn’t find it addressed any of my needs. I do wonder if we could pull on their resources though. Be a break-off group that can use their freebies, speakers etc. I think I’ll get in touch with a bc nurse and let her know there’s interest. LLx

Hi Lollypop and all you other lovely ladies,

It would be great if you could contact them and let them know there are a hanful of us (maybe more?) that would be interested in a secondaries support group. A general group doesn’t address our needs and I think we also scare the other primary women a bit too. Even if it was once a month/6 weeks at least we’d have something.

Thanks again for raising this lollypop.

Julie x

Bumping - anyone else want a Brighton group?

Unfortunately it will take more than three or four of us to warrant a support group. PLEASE keep bumping this thread along or contact sec friends directly. In The meantime, let’s keep this live and also dM. I’m 40 with four young lads. What about you? LLxxxxxx

Anyone else interested?

I have recently moved to Shoreham and have just started having treatment at Worthing.I was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer
in 2009 and only recently finished chemo/radiotherapy.Would definately be interested in a secondary group in Brighton.
Will keep checking in to see how you are progressing.

good luck


Hi all,
first of all, the Cuckfield group I’m giving a talk about Cyberknife to (on the 24th Jan for anyone who would like to come along), is for patients with all stages of BC. I’m also a member of the NHS Sussex Cancer Network Partnership Group, and at least three of us have metastatic cancer, so sadly, there are a few of us around.
I would be interested in forming a group, and am happy to host a coffee morning at my humble home, if anyone is interested?.

Hi Lemongrove and everyone else,

That’s very generous Lemongrove and sounds good to me.Whereabouts in Sussex are you?

It would seem that there are about 5 or 6 of us who have shown some interest so far. As far as I am concerned it can be a very casual group, maybe meeting for coffee or lunch or a drink or something every few weeks, just to touch base with others in a similar position. If people want a more formal set-up thats ok with me too, I’d just like to have some contact.

I’m 51, was dx primary in 1999 and secondary bones March 2010. I live in Brighton with my Civil Partner, no children.

So, shall we get together for a chat ladies?

Julie x

hi Lemongrove and all

That is a kind and lovely idea.
I agree it does not need to be anything formal, it is just good to talk to others in the same position. A friendly chat is the best treatment!
I go back to Worthing for the results of my latest scans, with a view to possible surgery, so have the jitters at the moment.
I have just turned 60 and moved to Shoreham with my husband a few months ago to be nearer my only son who is getting married in March-something to look forward to!

I have never posted before,although I do follow others posting,so don,t really know how things work but would be happy to supply my contact details.

Loved to allxx