Secondary breast cancer in chest/lungs

Back on the site unfortunately after a couple of years.

My girlfriend was diagnosed with breast cancer 3 years ago and had a mastectomy, chemo and radio which seemed to clear it all up.

Recently she has been having issues for a few months with pain in her shoulder & chest and had a swelling on her chest for a few weeks along with a persistent cough.

After x rays and other tests Claire had a CT scan last week which showed a 7cm tumour at the top of her chest, between the lungs which has cracked through her sternum. Apologies if this isn’t 100% correct…as we all know it’s very hazy after being hit with the news that it’s returned and then they tell you the details.

She will start chemo next week…I haven’t got the full details but she has dox***** and also some tablets to hit it hard. 6 sessions of the dox

There is a concept trial at Bristol hospital whigh we are thinking of doing but really are not sure at the moment.

Will look through all of the threads to see what we other info we can gather…then hopefully Claire gets the strength to fight as long as she can. It’s difficult at the moment with the pain, the fact that it’s not curable and she will leave me and our 2 kids, aged 14 & 11.

Thanks for reading

Fingers crossed and good luck to all others fighting this cruel disease

Hello lesalanos
Welcome on behalf of your girlfriend …wow what a blow to you both to get the scans of secondaries.
I think we all have been shocked as we go through all the treatment and then expect to go back to our lives and forget about it like having the flu or something.
Some of us are very unlucky and it comes back to haunt us but there are treatments that will control things so you both need to focus and trust your oncologist with the best plan for you.
We are all here for support so please feel free to post …shout rant or let off steam …we have all been there !!!

Hi Lesalanos


Are you looking at the Concept trial using Cabazitaxel?

If so I am in it and can share my experience - if it would be helpful.




Thanks for the welcome.

We are both generally strong people but need the support some times which is why I have registered here. Claire is not so much of a fan of forums but we will chat about what I post.

Mint Tea - that is the trial that we are considering. Your feedback and experiences would be so so welcomed. It’s such a hard confusing decision

Oh…never put on my original post

My real name is Carl, me & Claire are both mid 40s.

Thanks already to this site it has given me more “fight”

Hello Carl and Claire
Welcome again and I’m so glad that Nicky and mint tea have replied with some good advice.
Just to wish you both all the best and you sound so supportive which helps when you are both swimming in the same direction.

Thank you mint tea for explaining the clinical trial you are on. Always interesting to read from actual people that are on them .
I did ask oncologist about trials and he said that I have many tried and tested options yet before I could be considered.

Hi everyone.Mint Tea, Yes! as Carolyn said, thank you for explaining the trial, so hard to get those sort of details. Sounds as if it did wonders for you and also the Denusamab…were your eyes affected with Denosamab? I have several eye probs( none caused by the cancer drugs) one is mild cataracts but an op for those will worsen another prob I have with my eyes…so am waiting as long as I  can before any op.

i note that denosamab has a 10% rate for causing cataracts, which is why I ask?


Dear Lesalanos,I thought id mention that I  too went on  a trial quite early on , which gave me quite a few years before we found the cancer had returned. I was diagnosed in 2001, had, chemo - then a mastectomy, followed by radiation then I opted for more chemo as They had found  some spread to my armpit tissues from the lymphnodes of which 12 out of 13 had been positive. They told me I had. 1 in 4 chance of it not coming back  within two years. I was very upset…saw myself dead within 6 months! I retired on health grounds. this was 15 years ago.


I then went on a four arm randomised trial between Tamoxifen, and letrozole( the new drug)

later I discovered i had had letrozole for at keast 5 years. The trial was stopped half way through becouse the Letrozole ladies did so very well, it was more ethical to offer everyone Letrozole. I wish Claire the very best with her treatments, there are many more available to us than when I was first diagnosed. However, we are all different and each breast cancer type is tackled differently. Best thing to do, is keep questioning the onc about treatment choices…they usually discuss patients in a regular small review meeting with other specialists and as a group decide which drug might be the most helpful. Best wishes Moijan?

Sorry, but missed out( in my post above) that i was told i had bern on letrozole long enoigh in around  2010, so I stopped. The cancer was found to have returned in 2013, but im guessing it was there in 2012. I had chemo tablets for two years, then Letrozole for a few weeks, then another tablet chemo, but am now on i/v chemo and expect my next  scan in August…to see what improvement there is…but have already been  told the tumour markers are almost halved.


the other thing, re the pain…I get rib pain occasionally and a friend reccommended trying those stick on heat pads which stay warm for a few hours. They really helped. Just check out wether the onc is happy and whether you should try it over a t shirt, eg dont want to burn the skin.


rgards Moijan


Thanks for all of the comments below, especially Mint Tea who is on the trial and Moijan who has also experienced trials x

I would have posted last night but some idiot decided to run into the back of my car whilewhile I was at temporary lights. You have to laugh sometimes or else you would go nuts.

More info and these are the confusing bits as far as the trial goes.

The difficulty on the decision is that the chemo that Claire has been offered is docetexel plus copecitebine (sp?) So if Claire was to go on the trial there is only a 50% chance of being offered the new drug. If not she would be on paclitaxel which may not be as effective as the chemo offered. Such a difficult decision and will need to discuss with claires onc & the trial nurses at Bristol.

Thanks again for any support or even opinions that others may have. Everything helps