Secondary Breast Cancer Residential Support at Penny Brohn

Hi to all women with secondary Breast Cancer
Penny Brohn Cancer Care are running another 2 day Residential Course in May for Women with Secondary Breast Cancer. Dates 15th and 16th May to include night of 14th May. No Charge unless you wish to make a voluntary donation.
Over the years I have had enormous support from The Penny Brohn Cancer Care Centre here in Bristol. I have benefited from Shiatsu, acupuncture, counselling, nutritional guidance, massage and presently attend a weekly treatment support clinic as I go through chemotherapy. My husband has also had support there.
The centre is a magnificent building , beautifully presented and in lovely grounds on the outskirts of Bristol.Also yummy food and professional,experienced and committed staff .
They ran a similar residential last year that was very successful. They have 6 places left .

Hi Esha,

I’ve just been on the Penny Brohn site but can’t find where I need to apply for the secondary  breast cancer course in May that you talked about. I’m originally  from  bristol  and  have family  that  live  there I’ve been meaning to look into the  PB centre, sounds  fantastic. How do you go about applying? shall I just send them an email? many thanks for bringing  this to our attention love and light to you sarah xx