Secondary Breast Cancer

Hi I am new this this forum and got to say its a strange forum as I tried to reply to a post but it didn’t work so having to start a new thread, still I will get used to it.
OK, diagnosed 2007 with breast cancer, had mastectomy, 14 nodes removed 2 cancerous, chemo, rads, now I am 5 years on and have been reasonably well. However, a few months ago I started getting some niggling headaches and mentioned them to my surgeon who sent me for a CT scan. Had scan didn’t hear anything so ‘no news is good news’, then got an appointment to go back and see the neuro people. I wasn’t worried about anything, the headaches had never reoccurred but when I was there the doctor was glancing through my notes and said…“ok you had breast cancer in 2007 and it had spread, do you know where it has spread, have you had a scan”. Well I think I must be going crazy as I don’t remember anyone telling me that my cancer has spread. Now being logical, I have survived the last 5 years but at the moment not feeling great and since seeing this doctor, I cannot think of anything else.
A lady on the secondary breast cancer forum spoke about nerve damage and droopy eyelids, could someone explain this as this is happening to me and I have had a cough for months. This was the post I wanted to reply to but nothing happened?? (Anne Curtis)


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Hi Anne (Lorna1955),

We are all struggling with the
site as there are a lot of teething problems still not sorted!! aka the
post below yours! which hopefully will be removed pdq. - at least by the time I have replied to yours.

did post some time ago about the eye & eyelid problems I had when
my cancer was on the move. I had a lot of swollen lymph nodes around my
collarbone area and up my neck and the damage is caused by that
involving the nerves that go to the eye (I think) it is called Horners
Syndrome. Is it possible the doctor was just referring to the fact that
your bc had affected a couple of lymph nodes? Otherwise it does sound
very odd that no one would have mentioned anything else to you, or
indeed not treated it. How did the CT scan go - have you had the results of that yet?


btw - if the name at the bottom is your own it’s not a good idea to put your full name on the forum - you can edit it out.

Did your eye/eyelid problem improve?

Ann x

Hi Ann,

Yes actually I think it has - I can’t notice it now. At the time it left my right eyelid slightly droopy, and my pupil didn’t dilate as much as the other one. I never noticed it myself - it was one of the oncs when I started on herceptin and a friend said she had noticed it but never mentioned it because she didnt want to worry me!!! The lymph nodes were really bad when I started on herceptin, so much so that i couldnt fully turn my head to the right. Just into the first dose of herceptin (back in 2004) and the swellings all went down and never came back after that. I was able to get proper movement back in my neck as well.



I am so pleased for you. That must have been a relief. It’s encouraging to hear that some things might not be permanent.

Ann x