secondary cancer in the bones from breast cancer 3 years ago

Hi all I am looking for some advice for my mum… She was diagnosed 4 years ago with breast cancer … Had mastectomy , chemo , radium Ect … 3 years went by and was diagnosed with secondary cancer in the bones ( spine , ribs and pelvis ) after numourous radiation in 4 different places is now on tamoxifen and denosumab every 4 weeks injection … T m have been going down every month for 6 months which has been fantastic … But after catching flu and laryngitis it ha a wen the month from hell … She has been so poorly and has the most herrendous cough it has been making her sick and she keeps bringing her food up :frowning: she also has two spellings one on her temple and one on the top of her head … I was wondering if anyone has had any side effects from this and was wondering if it was the injection she has been having every month … I’m staying strong for her but so not like seeing her in pain and worrying … Each month we go to hospital and the nurse always asks … My mum explains and she says well that’s the injection doing what it’s meant to be ! I’m just panicking and feel sick with worry just looking for some advise or wise words off any of you brave ladies :wink: thank u x

Hi, I’m not on the same treatment but I would certainly ask, for a doctor not the nurse, when your Mum is next in to check out these side effects. Take care, both of you. XX

I Law, my mets are in the same place as your mum’s and I am also on the same treatment, The only thing I have noticed the last few months is my throat /chest feels a little tight and I am going to mention this to my onc at my next appointment. I have noticed that when I do get a cold now they really do knocked me for dinner! ! But I think that is down to the disease not the treatment.

Hope she’s feeling better soon 

Janette xxxx 

Thanks for your comments ladies and Natalie that’s exactly the same as my mum … Have been to routine vine injection today and unfortunately tm have gone up from 89 to 159 :frowning: came as a slight shock as for 5 months she has been doing great … Dr said today to get her in for a scan in a couple of weeks … It’s just so draining isn’t it … As soon as she starts feeling great something else comes along … I just hope that in a way it is still confined to the bones … As she is looking so well ( very tired but looking well ) hope you are keeping away from the nasty colds going round too xxxx