Secondary in brain!

Hi! I have got two tumors in the brain,one on each side. Had my first radiotherapy today and next one tomorrow. The herceptin has kept my tumour on my liver down I also have secondaries in the bone and this is being controlled.Apparently herceptin does not go to the brain. Feeling very low does anyone know what type of treatment can be offered. Apparently I am very well and they think they will put me on a tablet form of chemo. I am just not sure what will happen next, I am a very positive happy person but gee somtimes things are sent to try us.

Love from Linda52xx

Linda, I don’t have brain secondaries, but lung and bone. I just wanted to let you know that you are not on your own. None of us can be be upbeat all the time in coping with this bst@rd disease. I hope you are able to have plenty of rest during your radiotherapy. I am sure some of the women with brain mets who post will give you some more info soon.
love Nicky

Hi Linda

So sorry to hear your news. Can I suggest you post this query in the Living with Secondary Breast Cancer area, Treatments and Medical Issues? I think you’ll get some more replies that way. There’s also a thread there with a link to an interesting article on brain mets treatment.

Best wishes.