Secondary liver cancer

Can someone help me please. I am in a very dark place. Have been told that my breast cancer has spread!!! I was told my nodes were clear! I have only just finished radiotherapy. I had taxetere/FEC. How can it have spread so quickly. I cant get anybody to help speed things up as in you need a full body scan, i will arrange and will see you in 3 weeks. 3 WEEKS!!!I had an ultrasound arranged by my GP and was told i have liver cancer , multiple secondarys. No warning no nothing! I have two kids. I was supposed to be able to beat this. 95% chance of living 10 years they said.
Sorry im ranting. What i need to know is there any one who can recommend a specialist to give a second opinon. I CANT just give up.

Dear Dawn

I am sorry to read about your secondary diagnosis and can appreciate that you are so worried, please call our helpline in the morning for further support, you can talk things over with someone in confidence which may help. The line is open 9-5 weekdays and 9-2 Sat. I am sure your fellow users will be along soon with support. I am posting a link to the secondary support BCC can offer you:

Take care

Really sorry to hear that you’ve had to link with forum about secondaries in the liver. I hope you will find the other threads on the forum to help you to see that this is treatable if not curable and that other posters will give lots of emotional support. I’ve secondaries in my liver and bones and face each day coping with is and trying to make the most of life - it’s not easy and I remember my own despair at my diagnosis a year ago. Hopefully you will get your test results and a treatment plan and feel a bit more under control in time. I’m not sure about a good second opinion to help you with this as I’m not wanting to suggest my own oncologist who seems very conventional with approach to chemo etc.
Do keep in touch

Hi Dawn,

Sorry about your diagnosis. I have liver and bone secondaries, too.

I know what you mean by in a very dark place. It’s such a shock, especially when there’re no symptoms.

I’m coming up to my 2nd anniversary since my secondary diagnosis, now on Zometa (for bone) and Arimidex and Zoledax (I’m ER+ and PR+). Scars only in Liver and slight activity in bone. Feeling very weel, back to part time work and living a new “normal” life. Although, still have my moments and get really panicky before routine scans.

I don’t believe in prognosis. Everyone is different and there are so many things they can do now.

Not sure about specialist, but one thing I learnt from my experience is that you will need to be proactive and chase them up. Phone them, pester them, ask them if you are not happy, if things are taking too long, ring them just in case there’re cancellations. As Fran say, get a second opinion if that can help you to have a bit more confidence.

Take care & hope nothing else shows up on your full body scan. xx

Hi Dawn
I understand how scared you must be right now, in fact all of us who have secondaries will know and that’s why this is a good place to start for support and information. As the others have said it is worth chasing up your team to see if they can do the scans more quickly than 3 weeks. Also other ladies on here have asked for a second opinion - even if it is to back up what your team have already said. The main centres (I understand) are The Marsden and Christie’s - depending on where you live, it may be worth asking to be referred to either? There is also a thread on here in the Secondaries section of the forum called ‘Anyone else with Liver Secondaries’ - it’s worth asking again on there or reading the comments as most of the ladies on the thread have liver secondaries so have some good advice as to what treatments are available etc
Good luck

Hello Dawn,
First of all, I’m so sorry to read that you have metastatic cancer. It’s especially upsetting when you have children (as I know from my own experience).
I would guess from what you have written, that you don’t have much confidence in your medical team at the moment, so maybe this is the first issue to address, as you need to feel you have an Oncologist willing to fight your corner, and demand the best treatment for you. You are perfectly entitled to ask for a second opinion, but obviously you will need to ensure that you are getting it from the best source. I can honestly say that I feel my Oncologist does do that for me (and I can let you have his name if you pm me), but all opinion is subjective, and you may not agree.
I just hope you can get the help you need.

Hi I am not as far down the road as you but need a secound opinion because my consultant said I don’t know to the questions I asked him, as I am told I need a secound operation. I can’t have more radical life changing surgery when they don’t know? My sister a macmillian nurse said contact Royal Marsden Hospital they are the experts I have and appointment with breast cancer expert for secound opinion, costs £450 privatly. Don’t know if that helps, all the best. x