Hi everyone. Some of you may remember me, I’ve been around for a while (04) Just been diagnosed with brain mets, I’m devastated. I was doing so well on Herceptin although I’ve only recently been told Herceptin doesn’t reach the brain???. I’m at rock bottom at the moment and desperate to hang on to something. The tumor was operable and has been removed (half inch) and I’m about to start on full head radio therapy so I guess that’s something I suppose. Is there anyone out there that has or is going through something similar. Desperate to hear from you.


Hi PaulaD

Sorry to hear your news. Not been through the same as you, although got liver mets, and was dx with them 10 days after being told had bc, so all in one go. Sure you will get others responding that have been through what you are going through or at the same stage, and that they can help you with questions etc.

The good news is that it was operable and has been removed, so keep remembering that and be strong and positive and radiotherapy is supposed to be excellent.

Hope you get on OK and let us know how you are. Thinking of you and sending lots of love and cyberhugs. Sorry can’t be of much help though.

Take care