Secret Millionaire last night..............

I was really touched by the guy Fil who was on last night. He gave 20k to a local cancer support group in Doncaster so they could get a minibus to take people to hospital for their treatments. It was run by a nurse who’d had a mastectomy and reconstruction, also her husband had a cancer which had come back again. As it turned out Fil had cancer 20 years ago and he couldn’t talk about it, which was why he was so touched by this charity group.

The lady who ran the group said something which struck a chord with me - you don’t live with cancer, it lives with you. I thought that was a very good way of putting it. Her husband also spoke about the stress of not knowing whether it will ever come back. It kind of changed the way I view cancer a bit, but in a good way.

I never have a week where I don’t get a huge lump in my throat with this programme, all the people featured on it are so kind and generous.

Hi didn´t see the programme you are on about as I don´t have English TV, but I like your saying.

I too have one to share with you:

Ivé got cancer, The cancer hasn´t got me!

It keeps me going…