Seeing Oncologist for the first time tomorrow.

Hi, After 2 operations to remove Lobular BC, my next step is radiotherapy and have an appointment to see my oncologist tomorrow, however, I’m not sure what to expect, will I be measured up for radiotherapy tomorrow or will I just be given information/advice from him. All the letter says is to bring a friend/partner because if the amount of information being shared.

I have started to take Tamoxifen the last week or so, getting hot flushes day and night, is this something I can discuss with the oncologist tomorrow?

Thank you for your help and wishing all you lovely ladies well x

At my first meeting, he made sure I understood what my diagnosis was and what the histology report meant. He told me about why radiotherapy is recommended and side effects. Then talked about hormones, why he prescribed what he did, the benefits of taking it and side effects. He also examined me and asked about my health in general. When we had agreed on a plan, he referred me to the local oncology centre. My planning appointment was about 10 days later and treatment started about 2 weeks after that.

As Citti says, Sue. In addition I was also consented for radiotherapy as well. Do ask about hormone treatment, I remember asking quite a lot about this. They do vary on when to start, I was also given a prescription for tamoxifen to start the day after rads.
ann x

DCB I was the same as you, I got told I would probably have to have chemo so I prepared myself for that and when I got told I didn’t have to have a 3rd operation or chemo, that was that, I was over the moon and left without saying anything apart from “thank you, thank you, thank you”.

That’s great help Cutty and Ann and reassuring. I must admit, I wish they were a little clearer on what happens next, I know we should ask but our minds are not always where they should be. I read other people have been told all this information and I have had to ask for most of what I know apart from its BC, lobular and treatable. I’m not complaining though, they have done a wonderful job and we are lucky to have these lovely people.

Thanks again for all your help.

Sue x

Sunflower, glad it’s not just me then.

Just got back from my appointment and they were running late, although it was 2:30pm, they were still seeing the morning appointments. Anyway, I didn’t consent to radiotherapy this time or get my appointments etc, just got told it will be 2 weeks before I go to my radiotherapy initial meeting, there I will be told more information, be examined, consent to radiotherapy etc, then my first session will be 4 weeks after that, so it’s 6 weeks away still before I start my first session.

I’m guessing they didn’t do too much this time because they were running so behind.

I was told I might have to have an extra 8 sessions because of being under 50, so keeping my fingers crossed I don’t have to. I have also been told to use E45 cream during the sessions and it’s best not to wear a bra, is that what others have been told/done?