seen bs today

So not really much further forward today. The suspected bc is now confirmed as is the involvement of 3 nodes. I’m not due for the next staging tests till Thursday next week then the following Tuesday for results. She said the bc was of a grade 3 and it was no specific type.
I am grateful for my management so far but my imagination is now on overdrive with regards to further potential spread. Has anyone any tips on how to get through the next week ?


Hi K,
I can empathise, each step seems to throw up more questions than it answers. I keep reading positive stories and this forum, and have arranged a busy calendar to help time pass (even feel that a trip to the dentist passes a morning!). We seem to bungy in and out of the “Waiting Room”. I’m beginning to resort to spring cleaning (and anyone who knows me will know that something is seriously wrong!!!) just to keep sane.
Keep busy and keep posting - we’ll get through this diagnosis period together.
Best wishes,

Hello ladies
The waiting is definitely the worst time and unfortunately we do spend a lot of time waiting! Once you have your treatment plan sorted then it’ll be better.
Can I just make a suggestion to you tho… make sure you ALWAYS ask for a copy of your pathology/histology results and also letters that are sent to your GP. It makes it so much easier being able to read and find out at your leisure (and when you’re able to absorb information!) rather than trying to remember and worrying needlessly cos you can’t.
I always found that I tended to worry in the early hours so it was good to be able to reassure myself by looking at my notes. I keep it all in an A4 ring binder - I probably sound like a right Saddo ;o) but I have found it VERY useful. I have found though that you need to ask for a copy EVERY time you visit BS or Onc. Don’t worry if you haven’t - just ask your BCN and they’ll post a copy.
You may prefer not to know - I just wanted you both to have the choice :slight_smile:
Sending positive vibes and hugs
Lozza xx

hi k
dont do things that leave time to think, eg dont stand ironing, listening to the radio, looking at photographs, being alone too much and so on. my young daughter in law gave me this advice from her experience of having a brain tumour and the worrying she did afterwards. have the telly on, clean up, be active and do whatever keeps your mind busy. she also said only go to bed when you are actually tired enough to fall straight to sleep. ive kept to this for the last two weeks since i was diagnosed and i have to say it worked for me.
hope you find ‘normal’ again soon
big smiles angie x