Seen by a consultant but not happy!!

I found a hard small lump in my left breast 4 weeks ago, so i went to my GP he felt it but thought it was just a grizzly bit of tissue but sent a routine referal in for me just to be on safe side. I went to the clinic yesterday and saw a consultant who I found out was a general surgeon!!

He examined my breasts and found a thickening in my right breast and lumpy area in my left breast both not found by me! however the lump i had found he said he couldnt find.

He did send me for a mammogram thank goodnes but now I dont know what to think?

today my right breast is painful left no problem, i can still feel the hard small lump (it is smaller than it was 4 weeks ago and is quite deep)

Do i wait for the results (approx 2 weeks) or should i ask for a second opinion?

I am now worried that he did not take me seriously fluctuating with if there was nothing there why the mammogram? I did look at the x ray sheet that i handed in and he had marked the 2 areas he found??

should i now be worried about these?


the lump was originally found whilst lying in bed, when i turned on my side my breast felt uncomfortable so i checked and found it. I should also say it cannot always be felt lying down i have to search for it but now i no where it is I can get it everytime.

Any advise would be grateful.


Hi Pamp,


For many of us it seems the norm to have our first appointment with the general surgeon, who is usually the breast cancer surgical specialist. So, that in itself shouldn’t be of concern. I myself saw a general surgeon for my first few appointments including the very initial stages as you are at now, until after surgery and radiotherapy was due to start, then the oncologist took over.

The good news is that he did send for a mammogram (as is good practice if a GP has referred, unless it is absolutely without doubt that there is nothing to investigate) and those results will show anything that is an anomally, not just the two areas he has marked as needing investigating. I think he has taken you seriously, hence the mammogram. A mammogram does the full breast, whereas an ultrasound would be used in specific areas.I presume he did a manual examination and then said he could not find the area (which you say is now smaller) which you were originally concerned about, that is possible, as they are used to feeling for the type of thing that could be of concern. The ‘thing’ you originally found could literally feel like normal breast tissue to the consultant, as they have such experience of feeling for different things within the tissue. This would tie in with your GPs view.

Its understandable that you are full of questions and concerns, and the course of the examination didn’t take the route you thought it would. However, I think, and this is only my personal opinion, I would wait until the results are back to query things. Until those results are back you won’t have any evidence to query based upon, it could be that the original area you were concerned about shows up, it might not.

I know 2 weeks of waiting will be really hard, but even IF it were something that needed treating, 2 weeks won’t matteras a wait. It is the psychological bit that is hard with these results.


Hope this helps a bit?


Take care