Sensitive Skin in the sun

Hi just wondering if anyone knows how long your skin stays sensitive. My rads finished a year ago, and chemo almost year and half ago - yet I’ve just been sitting in the Scottish sun today for about half hour and my face and neck are red!! Never had a poblem with this before treatment and thought after this amount of time it would all be back to normal. Last year during rads I developed around a million extra freckles on my face and they haven’t faded as i hoped they would. Now worried I’m going to be one big red freckle in the summer!!
Anyone any ideas?

I finished chemo in March last year and had rads May/June. Have just returned from 2 weeks in California where I did not do much other than sunbathe morning till night.

My skin was fine. I have a lovely tan at the moment and just used the same sunscreen as I have before. No difference between the side of my chest that had the rads and the side that didn’t.

I have noticed though that I have more freckles across my chest/midriff that I never had before as I am not a particularly freckly person.

Mind you my skin was find throughout my rads. I just used the cream they gave me and I didn’t have any problems. By the end I just had slightly pink skin, so maybe it depends on how sensitive your skin was before. I think some oncs scaremonger to be honest!