Sent home with drain after one night

Had mascetomy with implant reconstruction with drain. Operation after lunch on 14th sent home today 15th with drain. Struggled with loo last night cos I had no bag to put drain bottle in. I think those with 2 plus drains are entitled to bag. Since I only had one I am not entitled. Feel fragile I live on own I do have friends

Hi, it does all feel a bit awkward at first - you do get used to manouvering it but a fabric bag with longish straps that will sit over your shoulder definitely makes things a lot easier. Do you have anything that would do - some of the fabric reusable shopping bags are pretty much the right size and shape. The main problem I found was I would sometimes put the bag down on the floor while sitting down then forget to pick it up when I got up again, or if I had another bag (if I’d popped out to the local shop) I would put all my bags down then try to walk away! Hope things get a bit easier soon x

Thanks Got pink bag on discharge. Still takes getting used to. Everywhere I go the drain goes to as in Mary had a little lamb. I soon know if I forget or knock it over. The number of times that happen can be counted on
More than 2 hands. X