Sentinal Node Biopsy.

Merry Christmas All. I am going to Preston very early on Thursday to the nuclear medical dept. followed by lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy at Chorley. Anyone tell me what happens at the nuclear medical dept? At last I feel that something is happening and I am not just waiting anymore.

Hi hotmint, hope you are having a reasonable Christmas. I live in Leyland and was diagnosed with ductal breast cancer on Nov 2nd. I had a mastectomy on Dec 5th at Chorley, it’s lovely there in Winstanley Ward, no need to worry about it, very caring staff. The food is great too, but I don’t think you will be in long with lumpectomy. As regards the nuclear medicine bit, the first part consists of a very quick injection of stuff into the breast. You will then be asked to wait for about an hour, but can go for a coffee down the corridor in Rosemere Centre. Then you came back for a ct scan, it’s 12 minutes long, and I actually fell asleep in the last bit! Must have been the soothing whirring sound of the plates whizzing round. It’s not clostraphobic at all, as you are not in a tunnel. There are no side effects at all from the injection. Hope this eases your mind a little.

If I can answer any more questions please fire away, it’s a very anxious time for you, but I am three weeks on and doing ok.

Love and best wishes for Thursday

Liz x

Hi Liz. Thank you for that. I was a bit worried. I have to starve all day Thursday so I guess I will miss out on the coffee.
I may have seen you in Winstanley as I am a volunteer with the radio and visit patients asking for requests.
Will talk to you later when I have more news. I am so pleased that you are doing well. Take care.
Pat x

Hi Pat, I did request something on the radio while I was in (Katherine Jenkins) so it’s possible we met then. I didn’t have to starve so not sure about that, what a shame. I only had to starve on the day of the op, anyway try not to worry. Good luck for Thursday and Friday!

Liz x

Hi again, just wondering if you are home and doing ok after the lumpectomy, hope all went well.
Liz x

Hi Liz I came home yesterday, following WLE and removal of four nodes. Wasnt to bad, had a reaction to the painkiller so was kept in for an extra day. Just had a shower and feeling wacked. Talk to everyone later.
Chorley staff were excellent


Hi Liz I am so sorry that you have to go in again. Being positive at least they have found it and it is not going to be quietly growing on its own.
But what a pig You just think you are on the right side and then that happens.
You keep thinking positive and I will talk to you soon. Pat (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((X)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Hugs